Why did Usher and Chris Brown fight?

Chris Brown and Usher

Photo Credits: TMZ

According to recent news, Chris Brown and longtime friend Usher allegedly got into a fight at Brown’s 34th birthday party on Friday. In a video posted by TMZ, the two singers can be seen arguing at Las Vegas Skate Rock City.

The news were exclusively reported by HollywoodUnlocked shortly after the fight allegedly happened. According to the source, Chris Brown, who was reportedly “intoxicated” at the time, got angry after he had tried to talk to Teyana Taylor and got ignored by the singer. As Usher tried to calm Chris down, the With You singer got even angrier and got into a fight with his friend.

As TMZ notes, an eyewitness claimed that the men had left the place and got into an alleged physical fight in a parking lot. Usher was allegedly left with a “bloody nose”.

No other details have been disclosed and neither Usher, nor Chris Brown have addressed the rumors about the fight.

Teyana Taylor and Chris Brown beef

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Chris Brown allegedly got mad because the singer and actress Teyana Taylor attended his birthday party. According to this source, Brown did not want Taylor there, as they haven’t been “on good terms” lately. Chris has been reported to blame Teyana for the cancelation of his MJ tribute during the 2022 AMAs, TMZ writes here.

Chris Brown fights Usher video

Watch the video of the two singers’ fight on the skating rink here!

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