Why is Courtney Winston car accident trending? HOLR is breaking down the viral video that has captured TikTok’s attention.

A Courtney Winston car accident video has gone viral online, with viewers speculating if the video is real or fake, causing quite a shocking stir online.

According to this article, the video first emerged on TikTok and quickly spread online to other discussion platforms such as Twitter. A user on TikTok supposedly posted the alleged video that featured “unsettling audio and visuals” related to a supposed car ancient involving a woman named Courtney Winston. (HOLR will not be including a link to the video due to its distressing nature).

Courtney Winston Florida

The video seemingly claimed that the accident occurred in Florida three years ago.

Although it was a short clip that was posted online, it featured disturbing content of a supposedly true event involving a woman driving and hitting a student who was seemingly crossing the road. Further into the video, following the collision, the woman who was driving can be heard screaming. As noted in the article, the caption to the video supposedly stated: “On December 15, 2016, this video was taken in Florida where 34 y/o Courtney Winston, unfortunately, ran over this group of college students, unfortunately, none of them survived the impacts of the car.”

According to the article, this video has been deemed fake although it caused quite a stir online when released. This other article also seemingly confirms that the video and audio are fake as no evidence was found online of an accident being reported or documented at this time.

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