Dad always takes care of their kids, now it’s time for you to take care of dad and get him products that give him a little me time. No matter if dad is a beard or clean-shaven guy, there are always products to keep him looking good. 

SheaMoisture Coconut Oil & Maca Root Lightweight Men’s Conditioner $8.97 CAN

A perfect blend of deeply hydrating coconut oil with invigorating maca root, this combination creates a gentle, yet deep and effective cleanse, leaving hair feeling hydrated and lightweight at the same time. Stimulate the scalp and prevent dry hair with this lightweight, conditioner, suited for all hair types.

Matrix Moisture Me Rich Shampoo $15


Many dads think that they can use any shampoo as long as it gets their hair clean, but that can damage and dry it out. Using Matric Moisture will restore moisture, leaving it soft, and shiny, without the feeling of heavy products. Maybe dad can even go a step further and throw in some Matrix conditioner as well. 

MONAT FOR MEN Essential Face Wash $46.00 CAD (150 ml)

MONAT FOR MEN™ Essential Face Wash is a gentle facial gel that provides deep cleansing, cooling and refreshing experience without stripping the skin. Its delicate structure effectively removes skin excess oils, dirt and other impurities.

Schick Hydro Stubble Eraser $10.98

There are razors and there are game-changers. The revolutionary NEW! Schick® Hydro® Skin ComfortTM Stubble EraserTM is the razor men have been dreaming of – making uncomfortable shaving of stubble a thing of the past. According to Schick’s survey results, 73% of men feel that, even during COVID, keeping up with facial grooming gives them a sense of control and confidence. With the Schick® Hydro Stubble Eraser™, men can comfortably shave up to 7 days of stubble with less tugging and pulling.

SheaMoisture Refreshing Vetiver & Neroli Men’s Body Wash $8.97 CAN

Moisture is the foundation of this collection, with Fair Trade Raw Shea Butter as the core ingredient and enhanced with the nourishing benefits of Mafura Oil, along with a unique blend of other gentle plant-based cleansers and essential oils. Indulge in this revitalizing body wash with neroli, perfect for soothing skin while restoring moisture and calming redness.

Sebastian Professional Dark Oil $48 CAN

Dark Oil is a lightweight styling oil that will smoothen the hair and add body, giving it weightless shine and finish. With a luxurious blend of natural oils like sandalwood, cedarwood and argan, Dark Oil has an incredible fragrance. Thanks to DiffusX technology, the oil disappears into the hair and it’s easy to distribute evenly. Dark Oil replenishes the hair from the inside out, providing smoothness to the cuticle, adding texture for effortless styling. The oil can be cocktailed with other products for endless styling possibilities.

MONAT FOR MEN Essential Face Moisturizer $58.00 CAD (50 ml)

MONAT FOR MEN™ Essential Face Moisturizer is a fast-absorbing, non-greasy daily moisturizer that protects skin against environmental aggressors and keeps it hydrated thought the day. The soothing formula improves skin elasticity and provides matte effect by reducing excess oils and shine.

Nioxin 3D Styling Thickening Hair Spray $18 CAN

Nioxin 3D Hair Thickening Spray makes styling more manageable by giving your hair a little more grip. This volumizing spray adds texture and boosts the body from the roots all the way down to the ends for fuller-looking locks and styles. Hair is left shiny and not weighed down for natural movement. The texturizing, thickening spray holds all through the day. How to use: Shake before using. Spray throughout clean, damp hair from roots to ends. Comb through for even distribution. Blow-dry for volume and style as desired.

SheaMoisture Refreshing Vetiver & Neroli Men’s Shampoo $8.97 CAN

This men’s shampoo cleans and helps moisturize for healthy hair. Made with natural ingredients like Fair Trade Shea Butter, Vetiver and Neroli Oil, this formula helps to moisturize and protect hair.

MONAT FOR MEN Essential Face Scrub $49.00 CAD (100 ml)

MONAT FOR MEN™ Essential Face Scrub is a creamy facial scrub formulated with natural, eco-friendly biodegradable exfoliants using coffee arabica bean and coconut shell powder effectively removes dead skin cells and prepares skin for a smoother and clean shave.