Did you ever walk into a jewelry store looking for the perfect earrings that compliment your face shape? Did you find some earrings that look great on display but don’t look that good when you wear them? Then you may be choosing the wrong type of earrings for your face shape. When used the right way, earrings can add personality and style to your outfit and even enhance your features. Many people are not aware of their face shape and how to determine what type of jewelry, particularly earrings that suit them best. If you are one of those people, then keep on reading.

Determining your face shape:

It would help if you determined your face shape before deciding the best earrings that suit you. To do that, the first step you have to do is determine what the widest part of your face is. Look in the mirror. If you see that your forehead is the widest part of your face, you most likely have an oval-shaped face. If your face seems evenly proportioned, it would seem that you have a square face, and if your cheekbones look to be the widest, you likely have a heart or round-shaped face. 

The next step to finding out your face shape is to determine the shape of your jaw. If you have a sharp jawline, your face is a square shape. A soft, short, and rounded jawline would indicate that you have a round face, and if your jawline is pointy and narrow, your face would be a heart shape.

If you are still not sure of your face shape after following the steps, then additionally, you can take a tape measure and measure the dimensions of your face length and width. While measuring the length of your face, you must place the tape measure such that it extends from your hairline to your chin. You can then measure your face from the left to the right side. If your face is wider than long, you most likely have a heart or round-shaped face. However, if your face is longer than wide, then you probably have an oval face. But, if the length and width dimensions are similar, you have a square or diamond-shaped face. If you need a little more help, keep reading, and we’ll make it easier.

The best earrings for different face shapes:

There are many different types of face shapes. The most distinguished or well-known ones are oval shape, round shape, heart shape, diamond shape, narrow shape, and square shape. Different types of earrings suit each unique face shape. Here are the most common ones and the earrings that look best with them:

  • Oval face shape

People with an oval face have a forehead that is not too wide, and your face may narrow going toward the chin. The chin might be a little narrow and rounded. An oval face shape is described as the ideal face shape as the natural angles of your face blend together. With an oval shape, you can almost any type of earrings. You can wear hoops, studs, and triangle-shaped earrings as they bring more attention to your facial features. Don’t forget to play with different shapes and styles of earrings. You can even check out some beautiful princess cut diamond stud earrings that will suit your face perfectly!

  • Round face shape

People with a round face have narrow and jawlines and broader cheekbones. Their features are soft and have few angles. The best type of earring that suits this face shape and long and dangling earrings help make your face look longer and make more length to your face. Wearing round hoops should preferably be avoided as they add more roundness to your face. 

  • Heart face shape

If you have a heart-shaped face, your forehead is likely wider than your cheekbones, and your chin would be narrow. People with a heart-shaped face are likely to look great with earrings that are wider at the bottom. Earrings that are weighted at the bottom will create a lovely balance for your heart-shaped face.  A good example is a pair of dangly teardrop earrings with elongated curves. That is a great choice to look great and enhance your features. 

  • Square face shape

People with a square face shape have similar dimensions between the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. The best type of earrings to choose for this face shape is round-shaped earrings. Big, oversized hoops and round earrings are the best choices as they help soften the natural angles of your face and draw more attention to your earrings. 

  • Diamond face shape

People with a diamond face shape have high cheekbones. Your eyes are the widest part of your face, and your forehead and chin are narrower than your cheekbones. If you have this face shape, choose earrings that soften your natural features. Wider earrings are the best choice for you. You can also opt for delicate hoops and earrings with straight-line combinations. You can also choose teardrop earrings that draw attention to their bottoms. Other than that you can choose some simple stud earrings too.  Additionally, you can explore women’s diamond earrings online. It is best to avoid earrings with sharp angles. 

  • Narrow face shape

If you have a narrow face, your face is most likely distinguished by its length. Your face is similar to a square-shaped face but longer or more elongated. For this face shape, short dangly, and bulky earrings work best. Earrings that are dangly and have elongated curves will help to soften your features, so that too is a good option. 


Taking the time to choose the best type of earrings for your face shape is an excellent strategy to look your best but before you look any further, determining the type of face shape you have is of utmost importance. People have many different types of face shapes, and many of these shapes are determined by the dimensions and distances between different areas of your face. 

Whether your face is oval, round, square, diamond, narrow, or heart-shaped, there are always great earrings out there that are perfect for you. Therefore, choosing the right earrings for our face shape is vital to bring out your features the best way. 

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