Dakota Johnson is most known for her role in the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise, one that truly sexually awakened most of Hollywood. Now, Dakota is using her platform to co-creative direct and invest in Maude, a sexual wellness brand that is reinventing the industry and bringing intimacy back into the conversation. 

Dakota Johnson is known to calculate her impact on the world properly, from choosing the perfect role, like her upcoming film Our Friend, to creating and investing in the industry and herself with her new production company Tea Time Pictures. 

Now, Dakota has taken an even bigger step, by joining Maude. Dakota has joined the brand just two years after its initial launch, and with a $2.2 million dollar seed round, Dakota will help develop the new sustainability initiative and product development. 

Maude and Dakota seem like the perfect pair, this women led sexual wellness brand stands for everything the world needs right now. Quality, simplicity, and inclusivity are some of the key words the brand uses to describe themselves as. 

The biggest impact the brand has is the notion of inclusivity, with its gender neutral aesthetic, Maude embraces everyone, no matter the preference of yourself or others. This sexual wellness brand is changing the way people think about sex, weather single, taken, gay, straight, young, old, parent, or workaholic, Maude sets no boundaries, creates no connotations to why you should or shouldnt be able to embrace sex. 

Dakota’s impact and platform allows the brand to expand more than it already is. As many people still refer to Dakota as the girl from Fifty Shades of Grey, this comes as a slight advantage to her and the brand, showing people that sex is an important part of of there lives. 

Maude has created a brand image that hides nothing. Every product produced by Maude can be used by everyone, for all their sexual wellness needs. Sex is healthy, and everyone should get a chance at enjoying it. 

Maude made the “vibe” a personal vibrator that is water resistant, has three speeds and can last up to 2.5 hours. They also make the “rise” a vegan, ultra thin, natural latex condom, with an easy to open butter cup packaging that is discreet. 

Among many other products like lubricant, massage oil candles, and even bath soaps, everything Maude makes is to help enhance your sexual wellness. So in Dakota Johnson we trust, and if she trusts Maude then it’s time to start embracing your sexlife and start ordering some products.