Dating app torturer: Oregon torture suspect was reportedly using dating apps while being “the target of a manhunt on suspicion of attempted murder.”

An Oregon man is reportedly dead after a stand-off with police that was hours long in length. The man, Benjamin Obadiah Foster (36) was previously wanted by police on charges of attempted murder, kidnapping, and assault as mentioned here. Foster ended his own life during the stand-off with the police.

Foster was apparently using dating apps while being the target of a manhunt. Foster was accused of torturing a woman he bound and held captive in Oregon, as noted here.

Dating app torturer

According to this article, Grants Pass police also said that Foster was “actively using online dating applications to contact” other people. These people could have been additional victims or would’ve been unsuspecting people who could’ve helped him escape.

Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton covered the story on perezhilton.com, in which the story starts off by outlining the situation at hand. A woman was first found last Tuesday bound and tortured. She is alive after being treated at the hospital, but her injuries have kept her there for a few days. As a result, a search ensued for the suspect who the woman’s friend identified as Foster.

During the manhunt, police tracked down some spots where Foster was last seen and upon doing some welfare checks in the area, discovered “one home where two residents, identified as Richard Lee Baron, Jr. and Donald Owen Griffith, had been killed with blunt force trauma to the head.”


People took to Reddit to spread the news about the suspect using dating apps to warn other women using the apps to watch out. They also used the platform to provide others with updates surrounding the case as it was unfolding.

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