R&B star Kehlani, currently on her ‘Blue Water Road Tour,’ is known for unique and ever-evolving fashion sense. Whether it’s playful tomboy chic or effortless class, Kehlani knows how to slay all day. Keep reading to see all of Kehlani’s major style moments. 


Image Credit: Brianna Alysse

Playful Tomboy Chic 

Kehlani in a playful tomboy look

Image Credit: kehlani / Instagram

In this ultra cool Instagram pic, the Oakland star embodies the playful tomboy chic aesthetic through her light pink NY baseball cap, patchwork baggy jeans, and simple white t-shirt. 

 playful tomboy look

Image Credit: kehlani / Instagram

Posed to perfection and flashing a dazzling smile, Kehlani keeps it cool as a cat in a white branded t-shirt and some gray sweatpants. She captioned the photo: “i look like my daddy ?.”

Klassy Kehlani


Image Credit: kehlani / Instagram

What says classy more than being decked out in Givenchy? Here the artist is wearing a black power-suit jacket complimented with a matching black skirt. She accessorized the iconic look with black boots. 

Kehlani in a Polka dot tulle gown

Image Credit: kehlani / Instagram

Kehlani knows how to make a fashion statement. Especially at the 2021 British Fashion Awards. The R&B singer turned heads with a Polka dot tulle gown designed by H&M. According to H&M, the dress is a part of the “new sustainability-focused collection titled Innovation Circular Design Story.”

Fiercely Edgy 

Leather jacket and leather pants

Image Credit: kehlani / Instagram

This look is truly the personification of being fiercely edgy. In a leather jacket and black shirt paired with leather pants, this outfit screams edgy and we’re totally here for it. 

Red powerhouse suit

Image Credit: kehlani / Instagram

This sultry songstress can walk the walk but she can also talk the talk. Nothing says fiercely edgy than this red power-house business suit. 

Kehlani Talks Personal Style

In an interview with Vogue, she revealed that her personal style has evolved with help from her stylist Debbie Gonzales. She said: “Debbie is my big sister, who has not only been there as a stylist but also a best friend and a trusted confidant. I tend to give Debbie a basis of what I like and she always manages to find just that.” 

“She makes me get out of my comfort zone and try new stuff, but she also listens when I tell her there are certain things I won’t ever do, like a cocktail dress or club-girl dresses,” she added. She also revealed her fashion essentials:  “One thing I can’t go onstage without is a piece of Kids of Immigrants and my trusted Dr. Martens boots,” she expressed. 

Which look is your fav?

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