A Christmas gift guide suitable for everyone: food edition. 

Edible Christmas Gift Guide

Cookies For Kids And Kid-At-Heart 

Decorated cookies will do you no wrong. 

Decorated Christmas Cookie Variants

There are plenty of cookie bases to choose from when it comes to decorated Christmas cookies, it all depends on the texture and flavour you’re aiming for. For example, shortbread cookies are softer and have that melt-in-your-mouth texture. Sugar cookies on the other hand have a more crisp and hard bite. Gingerbread is a bit of both; it’s crispy on the edges but chewy in the middle. For decoration, it is best to use royal icing. 

Here are some cookie recipes you can use:

Something To Drink For The Adults

Bring in the holiday spirit with something to drink that is suitable for the aunties and uncles.

Blackberry Whisky

This recipe by Olive Magazine is a homemade blackberry-infused whisky that can either be mixed with other liquors or have it on its own. All you need is fresh blackberries, sugar, and your choice of whisky. The good thing about this is you do not need to splurge on the whisky since it will get infused anyway. This recipe requires 3 weeks of preparation, so this is ideal as a make-ahead gift idea. It may take a while to make but make enough of it and you are guaranteed a less stressed-out Christmas shopping experience. 

Mulled Wine

Edible Christmas Gift Guide

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Mulled wine is obviously the traditional drink of the season, so why not make your own and package it as a gift? This recipe by Bon Appetit is very simple and yields up to 12 servings, which means you can at least gift this to 6 people in your life. Package it in a cutesy mason jar with ribbons and you’re all set!

Chocolates For All Ages

From hot cocoa bombs to chocolate barks– everyone will love you after this holiday season. 

Hot Chocolate Bombs with Marshmallow

Edible Christmas Gift Guide

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Let’s start with the most complicated chocolate recipe: hot cocoa bombs with tempered chocolate. These treats are the recent craze during the holiday season, and you’ll understand why. Hot cocoa bombs are basically shiny tempered chocolate spheres with marshmallows and hot cocoa powder inside. The idea is to pour hot, like really hot, milk over the chocolate bomb and it will melt, revealing the marshmallows and hot cocoa mix. Stir it and enjoy sipping! The dilemma, however, is you need advanced chocolate tempering skills to make this treat, but Sugar Geek Show has got you covered with their recipe that only requires a microwave! 

Peppermint Candy Cane Bark

If tempering chocolate is too stressful for you (I don’t blame you), then how about a regular chocolate bark? This candy cane bark recipe by Canadian Living is so easy, you will not regret making it. 

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