With the fall season being at its full force it might be time for you to do some shopping! Exchange those summer tanks and swimsuits for cardings and sweaters, look for scents that remind you of eating a pumpkin pie surrounded by your favorite blanket and redecorate your house to match the color of the falling leaves. To help you with this, we have compiled a list of fall essentials and small businesses you can get them from. Because what is better than shopping while at the same time supporting small shops with quality products!


Merino Wool Blankets and Decorations from Unwind by LH Designs


LH Designs makes its products out of Merino Wool. This kind of wool is softer and finer than regular wool, odor-free, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable. It is also super chunky and looks amazing!

LH Designs offers some great designs you will definitely want in your home! Including this Merino Chunky Knitted Autumn Wreath

And this cozy Merino Chunky Knitted Blanket


Scented Candles from Pretty Honest Candles


Pretty Honest Candles makes a variety of eco-friendly soy candles that will leave their wonderful scent all over your house, and you’ll definitely want their fall specials. They have scents such as Pumpkin Spice, Fireside, and Autumn Leaves that’ll get you in the mood to be wrapped in a warm blanket with a cup of tea. 


Cardigans and Sweaters from TL Yarn Crafts

TL Yarn Crafts offers several crochet items, but among the most essential for fall are cardigans and sweaters. The shop offers different styles for handmade crochet cardigans and sweaters that can keep you warm this season.

You can also find other accessories such as scarfs, shawls, hats, and headbands in their shop!