Cast members of people’s favorite 90’s wedding family and special guests get together for a new wedding during the pandemic.

Did you ever imagine seeing the Banks family back? They were, for a very special event. Matty’s wedding. It is a brand-new sequel of Father of the Bride, called Father of the Bride Part Three-ish

Netflix released this special on its YouTube Channel recently, where after almost 20 years, the cast of the Father of Bride movies and its filmmakers reunited for a good cause. 

Viewers are able to donate to World Central Kitchen, an organization that has served over 45 million meals for those in need across more than 400 cities in America during this COVID-19 pandemic. 

They work distributing individually packaged nutritious meals to aid families and children to pick up and take home, to healthcare frontline workers, and to seniors who cannot go outside.

Reese Witherspoon introduces the special by inviting viewers to see how the Banks family is doing in 2020 and to join the cast and crew in aiding with a donation. 

Later we can watch a short recap of what happened in 1991 and 1995 while our favorite characters are introduced. It’s amazing to watch the family back together… with its proper social distancing.

Because of the pandemic challenges, the whole family reunites through a Zoom call. And the Banks wouldn’t be complete without our dearest wedding planner Franck Eggelhoffer (Martin Short). 

We get to meet Matty’s (Kieran Culkin) bride, Rachel, and all grown-up George’s (Steve Martin) and Nina’s (Diane Keaton), daughter, Megan, interpreted by Florence Pugh, and their grandson, George, interpreted by Ben Platt. A surprise guest, Robert De Niro, steps into the family, interpreting Rachel’s father.

It is amazing to see nothing has changed in this family and get to laugh and have fun with them remembering some of their past adventures through cuts to the footage of the original films. And of course, we again get through a very emotional moment with George, watching all family together and grown-up.

It is definitely a very welcome surprise for all the fans and a very special event to serve as a fundraiser for the charity fighting hunger. Watch the full special and enjoy this happy moment with the Banks family during today’s challenging times.