When it comes to self care, Liz Trinnear is at the top of her game. Even though she’s a boss babe with a busy schedule, she takes the time to look and feel great inside and out — always taking the time to test out products.

cover photo: Toronto Life 

Aside from being known for her on-air personality, being a fashionista, influencer, and having worked with the biggest names in music, she’s currently the yearly brand ambassador for Nature’s Bounty Hair Skin & Nail gummies. 

HOLR chatted with Liz to dive a little deeper into her skincare routine, favourite beauty products, and more. Trinnear has a wide variety of different brands she loves. “Choosing one favourite brand or product is like asking me to choose my favourite child!” she quoted. One thing she’s been sure of for years now is her love for Nature’s Bounty. She discovered the gummies about 4 years ago, but has been religiously taking them for 2 years now, noticing amazing results within 2-3 months of use. “I’ve definitely felt more strength and improvement with my hair, skin and nails,” stated Trinnear.

 Nature’s Bounty has become a significant part of her supplement routine, making sure to take 2 a day as part of her daily routine. “It’s important to feed your body with nutrients and the rest will follow,” she notes. “My nails haven’t looked this good in a long time and as for my hair, I’ve seen less breakage in my brush — especially as a blonde”. 

Some favourite brands and products she shared with us included Laneige, Elizabeth Arden, and Keilh’s,  as well as MAC cosmetics shadows, Nars concealers, YSL lips, Becca Highlighter, and of course, Nature’s Bounty. When seeking out inspiration or products she doesn’t have a particular person she looks to, however always trusts her makeup artists for tips, tricks and recommendations with products — she feels they see faces daily and see the true results of testing out various products. 

When being approached to work with Nature’s Bounty, she only felt it was the perfect opportunity to align herself with a brand she truly believed in. “When I was originally contacted, I had been already using the product — so it was just a natural fit, and I was so happy to be their latest brand ambassador!”

As HOLR’s Beauty Editor,  I had the pleasure of testing out the product myself. Of course they’re delicious as Liz previously mentioned, and you can definitely notice results within 2-3 months. It’s also impossible to forget to take them because they’re so yummy. If you haven’t already tried them out be sure to take some tips from Liz and our team at HOLR, mixing them into your routine! 

For more info on Nature’s Bounty, visit the website at www.naturesbounty.ca

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