Gigi Gorgeous and husband Nats Getty recently underwent IVF treatments in the hopes of having their first child. Check out Gigi’s viral video explaining the process.

Gigi Gorgeous and husband Nats Getty are looking forward hopefully expecting soon! Gigi took to social media to share the special news about their recent IVF treatments in a new announcement video:


It’s Happening… After 6 Years of Trying For a Baby❤️? full video on my YT channel

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Gigi Gorgeous Nats Getty

In the full video posted to YouTube, Gigi discusses how after 6 years the couple have healthy embryos as a result of ongoing IVF treatments. Gigi and Nats are both transgender. The pair began their fertility journey a while back and Gigi is openly talking about how their journey took longer than they had hoped to conceive a biological child.

Gigi explains how she went through a difficult time on her first try in the IVF clinic but was determined to go back and try again- making lifestyle changes along the way in the process to give it her all. Now, 6 years later, the social media star confirmed that she and her husband have 3 healthy embryos ready to start the next phase of their baby journey.

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