Lyn Allure founded the Good Girls Gone Boss brand with a mission to help other like-minded women.

The multi-faceted brand focuses on aiding women in their entrepreneurial pursuits, in improving their financial literacy and offering all-around support for any online business ventures. I spoke with Lyn to learn more about her brand, from offering an easy to digest course on stocks to mentorship and what it truly takes to scale an e-commerce business.

Good Girls Gone Boss

What was the pivotal moment that led you to want to start Good Girls Gone Boss?

I created Good Girls Gone Boss five years ago as a solution for other people like me who were starting on their online entrepreneurial journey, interested in financial literacy and self-improvement as a place for them to connect and gain mentorship. I’m always accessible, and I’m always sharing my resources. But then I also have other entrepreneurs who are experts in different areas who come in and share their expertise and do workshops. So it’s really like a one-stop-shop to level up financially, meet like-minded entrepreneurs and grow.

What sort of support and guidance are you offering through the platform?

So I have my YouTube channel where I often create free content and publish anything that I feel can be helpful to my audience on there. We also have newsletters that come out, and we have a membership community that offers more hands-on, one-on-one support, so we give support based on your specific area or your struggle point. Every week, we have video calls, which are like group coaching sessions. It’s an amazingly positive community where I’ll share the screen and show tutorials of things like ‘this is how you start your website,’ ‘these are the plugins that you’re going to include’, ‘this is how you set up your Facebook Ads’. Other experts also join to share their knowledge.

We have workshops every week that show hands-on tutorials that are very walk-through because often online, there’s a lot of what to do, but then when it comes down to the “how” to do it, you’re left to figure it out with way too much information and little organization. Setting up the workshops as walk-throughs allows you to have any questions answered as we go through it all.

Due to Reddit and Tik Tok many more people are starting to invest in stocks. Is that something you touch on as well?

Yeah, for sure. There’s a course I offer on getting started in the stock market. It explains how to do your technical analysis, your fundamental analysis, how to pick a great stock, and what the stock market is even all about. I try to break it down as simple as possible in layman’s terms because it doesn’t need to be complicated. A lot of the jargon used online is to confuse people. I have a finance background, so I’m saying this as someone who’s worked in corporate finance, and there are many terms and terminology that are just thrown out there to throw people off. But it’s really basic; I try to break it down as simply as possible. I’m often using a cake/cupcake analogy, and the ladies love it. They’re like, “I’ve never heard stocks being broken down like this in my life, and you’ve just broken it down in such a simple way.” It doesn’t seem as intimidating.

Another thing I keep seeing on Tik Tok is affiliate marketing. It seems like everyone’s getting into that. What are your thoughts on it?

I have a few affiliate links that I include in my YouTube channel in the description link. I do make a stream of revenue off of it, but it’s not my main revenue stream. So we’ll speak about it if any of the ladies have any questions on maybe how it works. But I don’t teach how to how to make that your main stream of income because I think that people who have the most success and a majority of the ladies in my society are focused mainly on growing their e-commerce brands or their personal brand, which is something that I’ve done so I feel I’m able to provide the most value there.

What advice would you have for someone that wants to get their start in e-commerce? And what do you think is most valuable in scaling your business and just getting that discoverability?

I would say just starting and showing up. I know it sounds so cliche, but so many of us have this bright, brilliant idea to create an e-commerce store; you can envision it, feel it, and taste it, but then you don’t start it. So starting would be the first point, and then showing up and noticing that you and your authentic journey are what people buy. These days, there are many e-commerce stores all over the place, and sometimes it’s hard to see who’s even behind it. So when you can show up and share your authentic journey, people buy people, people invest their money, or they’ll bet on the story or the person behind the brand. Don’t be afraid to show up and say, “Hi, I’m owner; this is the reason why I started this.” Share your journey or personal story as that helps with the relatability. And it helps with scaling your business.

What you hope to achieve through Good Girls Gone Boss?

I would love for a whole bunch of ladies to have a life full of passion, doing something that they’re passionate about—waking up every day excited to live the life that they’ve created for themselves—not being in autopilot mode, going to a job that you don’t love but loving what you do, loving everything about it, being proud of yourself for creating it and having a life full of financial freedom as well. Not being controlled by finances, but living the life you want to and money being taken care of. So that’s the ultimate goal.

Are there any words of advice that you live by?

Absolutely, for me, it’s that you have everything you need already to achieve anything you want. You’ve already got all the resources you need. You’ve already got the people that you’re looking for or looking to help you; you’ve got the resources to reach out to them. You have everything you need to achieve anything in this world that you want. So go after it, find the resources, and it’s not about, “can I do it?” It’s more so, “how can you do it?”

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