Harry Styles acting debut may have happened in 2017 but 2021 is the year of his breakout. After not going on his world tour for his newest album Fine Line due to the pandemic, Styles has taken on some new movie roles, a job that he can do in the middle of a pandemic. 

Styles had just wrapped ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ which he co-stars with Academy Award nominee Florence Pugh, and is directed by newly single and rumoured girlfriend Olivia Wilde. But his new role is more risque and spicy as he is acting alongside Emma Corrin, who just finished her awards season run for her iconic role as Princess Diana in ‘The Crown.’


The reason this role is so risque is that the film is based on the 2012 release of My Policeman, which is set in 1950’s England. The book is set around a love triangle, a young couple whose marriage is not what it seems is changed when the husband (Styles) meets another young man at a museum and everything changes from then. 

The film was announced last year and production started last week, many of the scenes have been taking place outside on the cobblestone streets of England and many pictures have already been leaked and have given fans an interesting take on what to expect. 

Us Weekly

Many pictures include Styles and Corrin kissing in a dark alley, which surprised a lot of people as Styles himself lives a private life and it is very rare to see him in such a vulnerable state. Other photos show Styles with his male co-star, David Dawson, many of these are of Styles in his 1950’s police uniform having what seems like an altercation with his male love interest. 

Pop Sugar

As the film seems to be following the books storylines precisely we have also come across a set of the 3 cast members enjoying a day at the beach, along with another day in which Styles is alone, smoking a cigarette and carrying a duffle bag. 

These photos lead to many speculations but as of right now, the story and the film seem very interesting, especially for Styles. The film is not set to release until 2022.