Fashion Week moves fast, which means we must keep up with our networks and constantly refresh our contact lists.  Creativity can come from all angles – it would be a shame to miss out on opportunities for collaboration. That’s why having a networking platform for other like-minded fashion professionals is a great way to inspire, guide and support local fashion communities

Startup fashion and tech company Fashion Mingle, gives an opportunity for people within the industry to slow down and create relationships that turn into fulfilling partnerships, mentors, creative endeavors, and friendships to last.

HOLR Magazine attends the ‘New York Fashion Week Networking Party’ put on by Fashion Mingle  at the Row NYC Hotel.

Networking has shifted from an event in real space, during real-time, to a digital endeavor as a result of the interconnectedness of technology.  This in turn has placed a bigger emphasis on companies that take the time to execute networking scenarios like these.

This particular Fashion Mingle event incorporated speed-networking where experienced professionals spent hours giving advice and sharing their stories with various up and comers. Elite speed-networking can sometimes be hard to come by, yet provides an immense amount of insight for a creative who is able to speak about their specific craft at length.

Fashion Mingle, is a community that curates events to keep the world of fashion connected and bustling. Furthermore, Fashion Mingle has made it one of their missions to provide media services helping brands put on fashion shows and various panel discussions to keep their audiences informed and engaged.

Registration is simple for individuals looking to take the next step in their career, find out more here.



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