Get to know the founder behind the innovative skincare brand, Blair&Jack. Plus, how the brand is changing the game when it comes to offering products that are quick, effective, and designed to show positive skin improvement.

blair&jack founder

Blair&Jack Founder, Dr. Bimpe Ayeni

Blair&Jack features a line of innovative skincare products formulated and designed to deliver real results. The brand’s founder, Dr. Bimpe Ayeni, who is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon, created the lineup alongside her husband, Ade Ajayi, after Ade experienced painful shaving bumps. As a result, the duo was faced with an interesting opportunity to change the skincare game, in which Blair&Jack was born.

Check out our full conversation with Dr. Bimpe Ayeni below to learn all about Blair&Jack, why the brand offers skincare you can trust, how the products are formulated to target specific areas of concern, and more!

Tell us your story about how Blair&Jack came to be.

Like many men, Ade (my husband) struggled with shaving bumps.  They were painful, and itchy, and left his neck feeling bumpy after every shave.  Since I am a Plastic Surgeon, he asked me for help and I was surprised to learn that there weren’t many over-the-counter options to help men like him.  I sprung into action by first reaching out to a friend who is a compounding pharmacist.  I asked for a specific combination of ingredients to act on each of his complaints and that was the first version of this skincare line.  It worked really well for him and that’s when I first started thinking about helping other men.  Over the last 2 years, I have tested and tweaked each formula and I’m proud of how the brand has evolved. When it came time to name the brand, we chose to call it Blair&Jack, in honour of our girl-boy twins.

Talk to us about the featured products we can shop on Blair&Jack. 

1. The Refreshing Cleanser is a gel-based cleanser that cleanses the skin without stripping moisture.  It contains hyaluronic acid and spearmint oil to remove oil and dirt, leaving a clean slate.

blair&jack refreshing cleanser

2. The Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizer combines shea butter, jojoba, and glycerin to leave the skin feeling smooth but not greasy. It locks in moisture and can be used morning and night.

blair&jack ultra-hydrating moisturizer

3. The Anti-Bump Treatment is our hero product.  It targets inflammation and hyperpigmentation.  It helps to reduce inflammation while also gradually reducing dark spots.

blair&jack anti-bump treatment

4. The Exfoliating Treatment contains a harmonious blend of glycolic and salicylic acids to gently exfoliate skin at night time to reveal smoother more supple skin in the morning.

blair&jack exfoliating treatment

Blair&Jack is known as skincare you can trust. What does this mean?  

Trust is an important part of trying something new. When I created the products in Blair & Jack, each ingredient had a purpose and worked in harmony with the others. It has taken years to develop this line because I deliberately researched and sourced the ingredients and packaging.  This needed to be a thoughtful process backed by science.  I used ingredients that have a long history of effectiveness (azelaic acid) and combined them with familiar products from a childhood spent in West Africa (such as shea butter).  This has created a unique blend of effective and complementary products that scientists and skin enthusiasts know and love.

How is Blair&Jack changing the skincare game when it comes to solving some of the most prevalent skincare issues for men? 

I built Blair & Jack with purpose and intention. The products are carefully formulated to deliver results and I have kept things simple and straightforward.  Skincare shouldn’t be complex or confusing – our consumers have enough to navigate in their daily lives. With efficacy at the heart of each product formula, our line-up is easy to navigate, each product’s purpose and expected results are clear, and the results speak for themselves. Better skin, with a simple, effective routine – every time. 

Blair&Jack offers products that are effective yet gentle on the skin- what does this mean? 

I worked with a pharmacist as well as a cosmetic chemist when conducting the research for the ingredients that I wanted to include in Blair & Jack.  The most important factor was that the products worked.  After checking that box, my team and I titrated the concentration of the ingredients to minimize the risk of irritation for those with sensitive skin.  I still recommend that people test each product on a small patch of skin before applying it to larger areas. 


 How do the products at Blair&Jack target different areas of concern?   

The most common skin concerns that men seek help for are irritation, bumps, and dryness.  At Blair & Jack, we take a problem-solution approach to creating our formulas.  By researching and testing ingredients that target each specific concern, we have created a curated line of products with efficacy at their core. 

What are your future goals for the brand?  

Many men have given positive feedback about the products.  My goal is to make Blair & Jack accessible to as many men as possible.   I know that when men look good, they feel good; I am excited about giving men a chance to put their best faces forward.  As a physician, Men’s Health is a crucial topic and at Blair & Jack, we want to give voice to discussions surrounding men’s mental health and preventative health. 

Check out Blair&Jack for more information and to shop the brand’s latest lineup of skincare products.

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