When a child is born with complex health problems, the parents are often overwhelmed. They may not know where to turn for help or what steps they need to take to provide proper home care for their child. It is essential for parents, other family members, and caregivers to learn about the needed care to ensure a robust support system after moving from hospital to home health care. There are ways to help your child cope and adapt to a complex health problem. Some of the methods include:

Learning About the Needed Treatment for the Child’s Health Problem

To better help your child, it is crucial to ask the health care team questions about the needed care. Know what it takes for your child to have applied behavior analysis therapy at home. You can ask for a daily care plan to follow. You should also know the medications needed for your child and the time to administer the medicine. It would also help to understand the side effects of the drug and how you can best deal with any side effects.

If you need any more information about the necessary treatment and care, it is best to reach out to a health care expert at the hospital. Most hospitals have family resources centers to assist you in better understanding critical care.

Ensure your Child is Informed About the Illness and Required Treatment

Informing your child about the health problem and the needed health care and treatment will help provide some sense of predictability. The child will also be able to cope with the medicine better. As a parent, you may feel the need to protect your child from the harsh reality. However, it is best to ensure your child is well equipped with the information concerning their condition.

It is best to consider the child’s age to ensure you phrase the information in a way they can easily comprehend. Try to make your explanation as straightforward as you can. It would be best to encourage the child to ask questions about what they do not understand.

Plan Ahead

It is essential to plan to be better prepared to meet the child’s needs. The caregivers should be well familiar with the operation of the machines and how to deal with any potential problems.

Some of the things you can do to prepare for home health care include:

  • Keeping a list of emergency numbers close. It will help to place emergency numbers at hand, for example, by the phone, if you need immediate assistance.
  • Make changes to your home to make it more home care friendly. You can include ramps for easy wheelchair use.
  • Making emergency plans. Having emergency plans in place for natural disasters or fires can help get your child to safety quickly.
  • Have a backup power supply in place in case your child needs special equipment.
  • Familiarizing with the medical equipment. Different medical conditions may necessitate the use of specialized medical equipment. It is best to be well familiar with the operation of the medical equipment in advance. 

Family Members Training

It can be helpful to ensure the family members are also well trained in providing home care. They should be able to operate the medical equipment. The family members should detect any problems with the child and react in case of an emergency.

The family members may be the only help at hand, and it is crucial to train them in handling different situations. CPR is a vital skill that can save the life of the child. Family members should also have emergency health care numbers for quick emergency responses.

Follow Regular Routines

A routine can make the process and new changes less stressful for your child. It would be best to encourage the child to participate in developmentally appropriate activities. It can lead to a better quality of life for your child.

It is also highly recommended to ensure discipline by limiting any unwanted behaviors. You may find it difficult to discipline a child with a complex health problem. However, studies have shown that discipline can influence a child’s development. It is an excellent source of structure and stability for your child.


Caring for a child with a complex health problem can be challenging. It is best to be well prepared to ensure your child receives the best health care and treatment. In case of any challenges, you can always reach out to your child’s doctor or the hospital for assistance. You can also find help and support from other parents in situations similar to your own.


Published by HOLR Magazine