Smartphones will always be something that you have to take with you. Some people keep these in their bags or pockets. Some even use a strap to fasten these around their neck or wrist. It’s important to have these close by in case you get a call or when you need to make one. You’ll even notice how quickly you want to grab your phone to take photos of a glorious sunset or record a video of your pets or whatever is happening around you. 

Because your phone is almost like an extension of your arm, it can easily make or break your style. This is why most people like a more understated or muted phone case. This is because it can go with most outfits, but it’s also easy to see how this can get boring.

Many people recognize the fashion potential of phones and cases, so why not take the chance? It’s easy to choose from different options, it can come in different designs, while some are simply functional. For example, a phone case with card holder would be all you need for a shopping spree, a trip to the supermarket, or even for a coffee date.

How To Maximize Your Phone Accessories

Using phone accessories is one of the best ways to make a statement using your smartphone. It’s quick, easy, and completely temporary, so you can switch it up any time you want. To start accessorizing your trusty smartphone, here are ways to do it.

  • Look For Sleek Functionality

Sometimes, a clean and sharp outfit is what you need to look more refined and stylish. But a messy, dirty, and distracting phone case wouldn’t be much help in this department. So, what you can do instead is to look for a catch-all phone case like an iphone 12 wallet case to keep things minimal and stylish. You won’t need to carry anything else with you!

  • Always Have Chic Neutrals

Even if you’re incredibly picky and high maintenance about your looks, you probably get your lazy days too. That’s completely fine because you can just stick to chic neutrals for your phone case. That means you can go for beige tones, grays, and muted colors.

  • Bling It Out

If you like neutrals whether it’s a lazy day or not, you can add more pizzazz to it by blinging it out. Whether it’s just gluing on some crystals to it or sticking on a jeweled finger ring. This way, it’s not just pretty to look at, you can also add some grip and security to it. When picking a phone case, safety and protection are some of the most important considerations.

  • Try Printed Phone Cases

There are unlimited colors to choose from, but phone cases can look like plain brick, especially because smartphones are becoming quite large. To avoid a plain brick of color in your hands, try a phone case that has a printed image or pattern. This can help break the solid color for a more interesting image.

  • Get A Phone Case That Can Be Flipped Close

Phone cases that can be flipped closed are fantastic for those who don’t want to get distracted by their phone all the time. You can keep it closed if you’re focusing on work or if you simply don’t want to see it light up when you get a notification. The great thing about these cases is that they can come in all kinds of designs like leatherette. They can even look a lot like pouches or wallets in your hands.

  • Have Three Or Four Cases To Choose From

Having one phone case isn’t going to cut it if you want to be stylish. This is because one phone case is going to limit your outfit options. So, instead of adjusting your wardrobe to your phone case, have several cases so that you can adjust your phone to your style. 

If you’re not sure what to choose from, here’s a list of what you might want to have in your rotation: 

  • Neutral phone case
  • A statement printed case
  • Closed or sleek case for more formal occasions
  • A waterproof case for trips to the beach
  • Always Keep Your Personal Style In Mind

If you want to accessorize easily with your phone, just keep your personal style in mind. So, if you carry a more rugged 90s grunge style, you might want something that looks like an old cassette tape. For bohemian styles, ones in warm beige and turquoise would be great. You might even want to get one with feathers and beads to make a bolder statement to match your style. 


Your phone case is always going to be with you, so you might as well accessorize it to match your outfit, style, and personality. You wouldn’t want to pull out a phone that’s dirty or one that clashes with your outfit. So, change it up with a case that’s perfect for your mood, style, and everyday needs. 

Published by HOLR Magazine