The new season calls for a new wardrobe. Well, it does not have to be completely brand new, but this is the best time to take a gander at your closet and purge out what you have not worn in a while. 

How To Purge Your Closet: What to Keep, Donate, or Sell?

The most common dilemma we all face is not knowing what to wear. Fortunately for you, we already broke down some simple outfit options you can wear. However, sometimes the question goes beyond not knowing what to wear and is more like an overwhelming sensation of not knowing how to get dressed. When this happens, you may be going through a massive style crisis. Either you do not know your true style, or you own clothes that do not go well with one another. Whichever is the case, a closet purge is the best solution to break down your style woes. 

Know Your Style

First, before you start the purging, you must nail down the style you want to emulate the most. By doing so, it will make this whole process easier. If you already know your style, then you can skip this, but if you are in the process of discovering your style, then this is for you. Truthfully, this step is easier said than done, but it’s not impossible. Around a week or two before purging, start thinking about the type of clothes you like to wear. Be realistic. Think of clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident, but don’t be complacent either. Just because it’s comfortable, does not necessarily mean that it can make you feel confident. Again, be realistic. It would be better if you visualize this by making a vision board, or by saving images on Instagram and Pinterest. What’s important is to be decisive about what style you want to wear in the future. Think of it as manifesting your style evolution. 

Start The Purge

Now that you’ve nailed down your style and have a clearer idea of what your style evolution looks like, you can start the purge. 

Take out all of your clothes and put them all in one area–preferably a space with a large mirror. Then organize them by category: summer tops, sweaters, t-shirts, workwear, activewear, bottoms, outerwear, etc. Now, you must try on all your clothes in front of the mirror. This is important because this will allow you to see which clothes will make the cut and which ones won’t. The diagram below is a helpful guide you can use. It’s also expected to be sentimental, but this shouldn’t hinder you from achieving your dream wardrobe. If you ever feel overwhelmed or lost, refer back to your predetermined vision board, and stick to it. 

How To Purge Your Closet: What to Keep, Donate, or Sell?

Closet Purge Flowchart

Keep, Donate or Sell?

Obviously, the ones that fit your dream style evolution can stay. You can also opt to alter your clothes if they don’t fit well anymore. Alteration and upcycling are some of the more sustainable ways of maintaining a closet. The rest that did not make the cut can be donated or sold. The decision of whether you sell or donate is all up to you, as long as you don’t donate clothes that are in very bad condition. Please be considerate. Another option is doing a clothing swap party with friends. Invite your friends over and ask them to bring at least 3 clothes that they wish to part with, drink some wine and start swapping. 

Lastly, since you’ve probably removed at least half of your wardrobe, this gives you more space to fill it with new clothes! Keep the vision board in mind, and hopefully, at this point, you already know the style that works for you. Eventually, your next shopping trip will be more conscious and efficient. 

Published by HOLR Magazine