As most of us know, sleep is extremely important for our bodies and allows us to re-gain energy. It’s important for our mental health and lowers risk of health problems. So make sure you get enough hours of sleep not only March 15th, but everyday!

This world sleep day, you can visit Hoame for some soothing of the mind and body — Toronto’s number one meditation studio. It’s the city’s one-stop destination for enhanced mind and body services. They have a wide selection of seated meditation, mindful movement and higher intensity meditative classes. They also have breathtakingly immersive light & dark themed studios, a salt cave, infrared sauna, workshops/specialty events and more!

Hoame co-founders Stephanie Kersta and Carolyn Plater, are both sleep specialists trained in CBT-I for adolescents and adults. Both these ladies can offer experts tips for getting a good night’s sleep and can share information on how lack of sleep affects our day-to-day, including the following:

  • How a lack of sleep can impact our health
  • How electronics are NOT helping
  • How we can fit more sleep into our schedules
  • How practices like Yoga Nidra can help accomplish REM sleep
  • How humans are the only species that don’t sleep when they are tired

Make sure to check out Hoame for some mediation before a good night’s sleep, and some more info on the mind, body, and health!

Hoame is located at 430 Adelaide St. West. They’re open Monday to Friday 7am to 8pm, and open 9am to 2pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

For more info, visit their website 

Here are some products you can celebrate Sleep Day with — comforting silk, soothing lavender and all-natural sleep supplements!


  1. Simone Pérelé Silk Top & Pants 

2. Fruits & Passion – Lavender Essence Body Lotion & Body Scrub



  1. Niyama Yoga Wellness – Sleep Like Buddha 



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