Having a tough time managing your skin, and your serums and products aren’t doing it justice? Well, Dr. Dennis Gross is releasing the new DRx SpectraLite BodyWear Pro. This new FDA-approved technology combines 148 red lights and 68 blue lights to combat your acne, wrinkles, ageing skin, dark spots and even pain relief. 

Dr. Dennis Gross has a whole line of products for your specific skincare needs from face to body, and serums and peels to technology. This new Spectralite bodywear pro is a moldable material that can be used on any body part that needs the remedy. Having 148 red lights that penetrate the skin’s dermis to stimulate collagen production for anti-ageing, decrease inflammation and increase blood circulation for ageless skin. Having 68 blue lights is to help kill acne bacteria, and altogether treat and prevent further and future breakouts. 

Using the DRx SpectraLite BodyWare Pro for 3 minutes daily treats acne and anti-ageing skin, and 14 minutes a day will help treat intermittent pain relief. In days you will see acne healing and in weeks you will see wrinkles and lines fade as collagen begins to build. 

With daily use, your skin will improve in a matter of weeks and you’ll feel refreshed, look younger and not have to worry about acne anymore. The Spectralite bodywear pro is now available at Sephora.com for $555 CND.