Is influencer Alix Earle going to the Met Gala? HOLR is breaking down the trending news below ahead of the 2023 event!

It’s Met Monday! People everywhere are wondering if popular TikTok influencer, Alix Earle, will be attending this year’s event. Check out this TikTok from user @laurenisgossip, detailing the alleged news.


Alix Earle in my theory is 100% going to be at the Met Gala this year

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It hasn’t been confirmed yet whether or not Earle- or any other influencers- are attending this year’s event, but we’ll soon find out! According to the above TikTok, the user believes Earle may be attending because she noticed one of her makeup artists posted that she will be doing makeup for the Met this Monday. When the TikToker did some additional digging, she noticed that the makeup artist has previously done Earle’s makeup quite a few times- especially recently (Coachella).

Although influencers are not typically in attendance for this high-profile event, there have been instances in the past that they have been spotted. For instance, the TikToker dives into how other influencers such as; James Charles, Nikki Tutorials, and Emma Chamberlain, have all attended past Met Gala events.

Could this be Earle’s year to attend the Met Gala? We’ll have to wait and see if the rumors are true!

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