Chaelyne Yi quit the film ‘The Disaster Artist’ after finding out about allegations against James Franco and his sexual abuse towards women.

The Disaster Artist came out in 2018 and it was than that 5 women had come out accusing James of his sexually inappropriate behaviour while at his acting school. It is known that 2 of these women came to a settlement with Franco with 3 remaining.

Chaelyne Yi has come out now talking about James Franco, Seth Rogan and how she was treated on the set of the film. She stated that when these allegations came out she did not want to be part of a film with Franco. Seth Rogan who is a very close friend and producer of the film ‘bribed’ Yi and told her she would get a bigger part if she stayed on.

Yi stated that Rogan was enabling Franco and his behaviours, and although these allegations were “so last year,” Yi knew that many women were still being treated like this by Franco.

Yi decided to finally reveal her side of the story on instagram, as April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and she not only talked about the behaviour of James Franco, but made it clear that the enablers (Seth Rogan) can be “just as toxic” as the abusers too.