On Wednesday, Jonathan Majors, 34, shows his face for a Manhattan, New York City trial. The trial started with juries selected from 40 people who had sworn. Eight months after the alleged incident took place, Majors is facing a trial on misdemeanor charges of domestic harassment and assaulting his former girlfriend. If found guilty, Majors faces in prison for a year. Nevertheless, he has pleaded not guilty to all his charges. One of the big Hollywood stars in all years tarnished his reputation.

It was the night of March 25th that the alleged assault took place; Grace Jabbari, Majors’s former girlfriend, accused him. Jabbari insisted that Major slapped her as they rode in a car toward his apartment. She said Majors threw her into the car after she got out of it, and twisted her arm, grabbed her hand violently enough to injure it. Because of that, she had to go to a hospital to be treated for some injuries to her head, neck, and ear.

However, the details of the alleged incident are yet to be precise. Majors’s lawyer, Priya Chaudhry, accuses Jabbari of attacking and accusing Majors. Additionally, the lawyer has labeled a liar to the alleged victim, Grace Jabbari.

Jonathan Majors arrived with his supportive new girlfriend, Meghan Good.

Meagan Good and Jonathan Majors

Image Credit: Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

Jonathan Majors already has a new girlfriend, Meghan Good. He arrived at the trial with Good. The couple showed up in a similar dress. Majors, wearing black sunglasses, wore a black coat with a double-breasted gray suit inside and a white shirt and tie. Good wore a black dress with a striped long black and gray jacket.

Moreover, they walked alongside each other, holding hands with fingers interlocked. They seemed to be ready to fight a trial together. The new couple were first linked in May 2023. After nearly a half year passed, they were now overcoming major obstacles together. Surprisingly, his girlfriend is also an outstanding celebrity for a variety of her acting and modeling roles.

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