Evidence Released to the Public in Jonathan Majors’ Trial-UPDATE!

On Wednesday, Jonathan Majors, 34, was confronted with the evidence that proved he committed domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari. The proof was originally only shown to the six juries However, now it gets out to the public.

The case started in earnest on Dec. 4 about the Mar. 25 midnight incident. The evidence includes a video, which Jabbari secretly recorded. In the tape, Majors said, “You don’t understand, that team, that unit […] Coretta Scott King, do you know who that is?’ Majors asks during the clip. ‘That’s Martin Luther King’s wife. Michelle Obama, Barack Obama’s wife.”(according to Daily Mail) Moreover, the evidence shows that Majors castigated Jabbari. He said that she had not reached the standards of Coretta Scott King and Michelle Obama.

Jonathan Majors called 911 after Jabbari became unconscious

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Surveillance footage of the alleged altercation was released

According to a post on Ticktock by @academiks, Majors’ footage ran from Jabbari at night. The entire video is connected to multiple videos collected from a town surveillance camera.


@akademiks Surveillance Footage From Night Of Alleged Altercation Between #JonathanMajors ♬ original sound – Akademiks

Jonathan Majors called 911 after Jabbari became unconscious

On March 26, Majors called 911, to which Officer Erik Lucero and Sergeant Bryan Hanson responded. It was after his former girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, got unconscious on the floor. In addition, his 911 call was played in court. Besides, it revealed that the actor called in case his ex might have overdosed or committed suicide.

Who is Grace Jabbari?

Grace Jabbari is Majors’s ex, who alleged him on his domestic violence. Furthermore, she is known as a dancer in the 2023 film Barbie.

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