HOLR breaks down knife video trending Twitter.

According to this article, an NSFW knife video has allegedly been making its rounds on X– formerly known as Twitter- and other social media sites which has caused the internet to be in an uproar.

The Knife Video

This viral video has shocked the internet because it supposedly features distressing and graphic content. Users online have been warning people from searching and watching the viral Knife Video clip because it features disturbing footage.

Knife Video Trending 

What Is The Knife Video?

As noted in this article, the video reportedly features a lady who uses a knife on herself in a disturbing, inappropriate way allegedly “for salacious purposes.”

Knife Video Trending 

The controversial clip- which HOLR will not be linking to– has seemingly horrified internet users as the video shows a woman “using a knife on herself in a crude manner.”

What do you think about the conversation surrounding the controversial clip circulating online?

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