These top 6 Twitter accounts will help you stay informed, keep you laughing, and better understand the world in a variety of ways.

It is important to stay informed during the pandemic, but it is also important to enjoy yourself, expand your mind and better understand the world. With a mix of these four things involved, we have compiled the top 6 Twitter accounts for you to follow and why. To learn about each account and adjust your feed to perfectly suit you.

Photo Credit: @DearPandemic



This is our number one pick for a Twitter account to follow right now; with very helpful messages and interesting information, @DearPandemic provides a plethora of great tweets to aid you during this pandemic. However, for those beauty fans out there, find out more useful tips here.

Photo Credit: @darth


Dubbed a ‘national treasure’ by many, the @darth Twitter account is known for its well-edited gifs and memes that are perfectly timed. This hilarious account will fill your feed with humorous content. If you enjoy some nice memes, gifs, or funny clips, we suggest you follow @darth.

Photo Credit: @BarackObama


Former President Obama may no longer be in public office but he remains quite proactive in his daily activities. Sharing wholesome messages and important ones too – @BarackObama is a great Twitter account to have more hope in humanity and stay positive about the world, making it a top choice for our selection of best Twitter accounts to follow.

Photo Credit: @TheEconomist


For those trying to be an informed consumer, @TheEconomist is a great place to start with real discussions and insight on geopolitical, technology, and entertainment events and trends. This account will greatly inform you on current events making this a great account to follow right now as we isolate ourselves from much of the outside world.

Photo Credit: @elonmusk


We’re all aware of how bizarre Elon Musk can be, and his Twitter feed perfectly reflects this. Sharing some of his weird inner thoughts to general updates about tesla and society, following this page will provide you with easily interesting content that has garnered a fanbase of 56 million people.

Photo Credit: @mental_floss


This unique Twitter account provides useful helpful tips several times a day. With constant news feed about interesting ideas, @mental_floss is a great account to follow. With such a variety of useful tweets, you are sure to find many useful tips that work perfectly for you, which makes this a must-follow account in our opinion.