Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick have a love story for the ages.

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Kevin Bacon, 65 and Kyra Sedwick, 58 are a symbol of finding true love in the crazy world of Hollywood.

And after 35 years of marriage, how do they do it? and, more importantly, how can we find a love theirs?

Kevin and Kyra first met on the set of the 1987 move ‘Lemon Sky’ but did not confirm their romance until around April 27, 1987.

And the couple married on September 4th, 1988, just a year after they met.

Now, they celebrate their 35th anniversary with throwbacks and sweet messages.

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“35 years feels like a heartbeat. #Anniversary,” Kevin wrote in the caption.

Similarly, Kyra captioned, “It was 1987- on the set of ‘Lemon Sky’ – I met a man named Kevin. Happy 35 my love.”

The timeline of Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick’s family.

Since marrying in ’88, the couple also welcomed a son named Travis, 34 and a daughter named Sosie, 31.

First came their son Travis in ’89 on June 23rd, who subsequently became a music artist and composer.

On the birth of their first child, Sedgwick told More Magazine in 2010,

“We were like, ‘Let’s just not use birth control,’ ” the actress admitted that the decision was an impulsive one.

Also admitting she didn’t think she would get pregnant so quickly, getting pregnant in just two weeks.

And on March 15, 1992, Kevin and Kyra welcomed their only daughter, Sosie who in 2014 became Miss Golden Globe.

What the couple have said about their relationship.

Sitting down with PEOPLE in March, Kevin opened up about his first meeting with his wife.

“I was knocked out, I thought she was amazing.”

But for Kyra, she said on her first meeting with Kevin that she thought he “was cool,” but that it was the next morning that she knew he was the one.

“I remember waking up and going, ‘I feel like home,’ ” she said. “I realized, ‘Oh, that was him.’ ”

Also, in March the couple gave PEOPLE an insight to what made their marriage so successful despite the pressures of Hollywood.

Both Kevin and Kyra cited support, nurture and a sense of humour as key elements to the success of their relationship.

“A sense of humour is crucial, “He is very freaking funny.”

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