Steve Harwell of ‘Smash Mouth’ Dead at 56!

‘Smash Mouth’ singer Steve Harwell, 56 passed away from Liver failure on Monday while surrounded by his family.

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In a statement by the band manager Robert Hayes, he confirmed that Harwell passed away peacefully in his home in Boise, Idaho.

Harwell joins a long list of stars who lost their lives in 2023.

Who is the singer in Smash Mouth?

Steven Scott Harwell born 9 January 1967 in Santa Clara, became the founding member of the rock band in 1994.

And remained the lead until his retirement in 2021 but before his retirement, he and bassist Paul De Lisle were the only original members left.

After Harwell’s death, Robert Hayes said that when he retired two years earlier, the band continued with a new vocalist.

“Steve has been retired from Smash Mouth for two years now, and the band continues to tour with new vocalist Zach Goode.”

But Hayes vowed that “Steve’s legacy will live on.”

And added that, “With Steve, Smash Mouth sold over 10 million albums worldwide.”

“And topped the charts with two No. 1 hit singles, five Top 40 singles, three Hot 100 singles, four Billboard 200 albums and a Grammy nomination.”

Also, “the many film and television placements and of course those musical features in ‘Shrek,’” Hayes said.

Steve Harwell endured hardships and heartbreak in his life.

In addition to serious health problems plaguing the singer over the years, Steve also suffered a personal loss.

In July 2001, Harwell lost his son Presley to acute lymphocytic leukemia at the age of six months.

And in honour of his son, Harwell started medical research fund in Presley’s name.

But the world and those closest to him, remember Harwell as a charming and charismatic ambitious man.

They also remember him for his unique voice and his unquestionable focus and “determination to reach the heights of pop stardom.”

Robert Hayes said, “Steve lived a 100 percent full-throttle life, burning brightly across the universe before burning out.”

smash mouth steve harwell

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RIP Steve Harwell.

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