Let’s take a look back at 2020 and see some of the trendiest streetwear fashion the year had to offer. 2020 as we all know was historically one of the crazier years the world has ever seen, but fortunately for us, fashion trends continued to blossom throughout the year. We saw some interesting trends such as oversized blazers, patchwork prints, colourful suits and course lots of jewellery. Let’s break down some of these styles and look at how they were worn and who wore them

Oversized Blazers

The oversized blazer style takes us right back to the 80s. Whether it be pinstripes, colourful, plain black or all white the oversized blazer dominated 2020 and had everyone hopping right on board with the trend. Of course, the blazer has to be a few sizes larger than your actual size, hence the term “oversized” blazer. The style can be worn with a t-shirt underneath to give it a more casual look. The look is usually worn with nice jeans or formal pants. Overall, the trend was a hit for 2020. 

Patchwork Prints

From Versace designs to self-made stitching everyone wanted to be apart of the patchwork print trends. The style can range from denim to plaid and every type of fabric in-between. The styles are usually unique and can be worn as anything really. Many people wore patchwork shirts, dresses and skirts. The trend didn’t end there, even suits and jeans were created with the patchwork style. Mixing and matching different fabrics while keeping the look tasteful and bringing a modern twist to outdated clothing. 

Colourful suits 

The matching two-piece suits are back with a very colourful twist. Everyone who is who anyone wore the famous colourful suits, and it was a banger. With Louis Vuitton and Dior coming out with new colours for men and women alike with an abundance of different shades of aquamarine, lilacs, pastel, and very bright bold colours. This trend will definitely continue into many more years still to come.