A viral “Love Island USA” clip is making its rounds online after host Sarah Hyland was called out. HOLR breaks down the video, below.

A viral video clip of a Love Island USA contestant seemingly calling out Sarah Hyland during one of the show’s episodes is making its rounds online. Check out the below TikTok video reposted by user @loveislandusa of the exchange between the host and contestant.


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In the clip, Love Island USA contestants Keenan and Kay Kay have an emotional moment when Keenan leaves and is eliminated. As a result of his departure, Kay Kay voluntarily offers to go home. “I feel like I found what I came here for and I’d like to leave with Keenan,” states Kay Kay in the clip.

Once she seemingly makes her decision to walk away from the show, host Hyland says to Kay Kay, “Before you go anywhere I want to make sure you are absolutely happy with your decision.” That’s when contestant Mike Stark jumps in and counters Hyland’s remarks, “Why you saying it like that?” To which Hyland replies, “Me?” “Yeah it sounds mad disrespectful,” finishes Stark. This is when another contestant jumps in to apologize for Stark’s behavior. To this, Hyland claims, “Boys will be boys, right?” Stark allegedly is then dumped and eliminated following the “disrespectful” remark made towards Hyland on the show’s episode.

The clip of the two’s exchange has since gone viral online.

What do you think about the latest episode and the exchange between the host and contestants?

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