Missy Elliott reminds her hometown why she is their queen.

After being honoured by her hometown in a dedication ceremony in October of 2022, Missy Elliott is giving back to her hometown.

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Credit Image: Stephen Lovekin/ Missy Elliott

Portsmouth Virginia was alive with appreciation after Missy once again proved she was worthy of her honour.

And this came in the form of a generous and honourable contribution from the 52-year-old singer.

In a remarkable move, Elliott donated $50,000 to the Portsmouth Redevelopment and Housing Authority.

Enough to pay the back rent for 26 families! This is truly honourable and frankly the most meaningful act anyone could make.

And this is saying something because while you always hear about celebrity contributions all the time,

See the special moment below.

Very rarely does it seem like the “charitable act” is for the people and instead is for the celebrity and the people.

But the singer looked very at home in this moment and that makes this moment especially beautiful.

 The donation came during a special ceremony.

While Missy showed love to those in need, her townspeople showed the singer the love she deserves.

“I wanted to give back and let that be the celebration of Missy Elliott, just to show that I love everybody out here,” Missy said.

“I love my city. I love my state. I love everything about it. Everything about Missy comes from here,” the singer praised her people and hometown.

What else has Missy Elliott been up to since?

Meanwhile, the singer has kept herself busy in other ways with news that she joined the ‘Mean Girls’ cast reunion.

Subbing for Coach Carr of ‘Mean Girls‘ in a commercial for Walmart’s Black Friday deals, Missy school’s shoppers on how to find the best deals.

“If you have Walmart plus, you will get three hour early access to Black Friday deals,” Elliott explains.

But spelling out “deals”? oh Coach, love you anyway.

See the clip below.

It really is quite funny, but we love seeing Missy doing’ her thing.

The Hollywood reporter revealed that Walmart will release a new commercial with the ‘Mean Girls’ cast every Wednesday leading up to Black Friday.

Thank you to Missy Elliott for her wonderful work and generosity.

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