We’re over the same old playlist we always listen to, it’s time to find new artists and songs to freshen up a little your music library. Here is a list of new songs and artists to listen to:

Conan Gray.  He’s 21 years old, started out on Youtube as a joke with vlogs, videos with friends and cover. In 2018, he release his EP Sunset Season and his song Idle Town was viral on his Youtube channel. This year on March, he released his debut album Kid Krow. His favourite song from the album at the moment is Heather, he thinks everyone has a Heather in their life. Notable songs: Maniac, Wish You Were Sober, Crush Culture, The Story, Checkmate.


Discrete. Stockholm-based dance and electronic music producer debuted as an artist in 2018 with the song Without You, featuring Mary Cicilia that earned over 40 million streams on all platforms. His debut EP ‘EXPLORE’ with five dance pop music was release in 2020 along with many other singles like Better days with Chris Collins and Typo with Sistek featuring Tudor and Victoria Voss.


Valeria Stoica is and indie-pop from the Republic of Moldova. Her first official single was Remember in 2016 and it got 14,353 reproductions. She released her first Album in 2020. I Don’t Like Roses. Notable songs: Just a Boy, Gravity, Empty Air, Be My Friend and Get Back.


Anthony Lazaro is an Italian singer and song-writer, living in Hamburg, Germany, singing in english electronic-chilled music with acoustic guitar. He released his new album Strangers in Disguise on March 2020, including songs as Coffee Cup, Gravity and Strangers in Disguise.

Takis is a Canadian musician from Winnipeg released on October 9th his new single From The Start featuring Veronica and we can’t stop listening to it. Notable songs : Wait For Me feat. Goody Grace and Tory Lanez and Happy New Year.


Mikayla Geier. The Vancouver native released her debut single Deja You back in November 2019 along with the music video made by herself. She’s a dancer later turned into a songwriter. At the moment, she only has two songs but we are crazy to see what will she brings to us with her new releases. You can find her in all of her social media as @mikaylageier. Song below: the sorry song.