In the last 24 hours, a Reddit post became popular as it contains a short video of an officer committing property theft during an eviction search.

As the description of the video states, the police officer steals while on duty and accidentally records herself as her body cam is not turned off. “Officer thinks she had turned off her body cam and starts stealing during an eviction search”, says the title.

Many users expressed their sadness and disappointment in the police officer’s behavior. “Its sad when you realize there is no difference btw criminals and cops, they re just on different sides of the same coin.” said one comment. Other people shared their own past bad experiences with police officers. “I don’t know, I once had a cop wish me a nice day after they got done tossing my car without finding anything. But then he tripped me when I was walking back to my car, so 🤷‍♂️”, commented another Redditor.

Officer steals – is it her first time?

The discussion touches upon several topics, including how the officer seemed casual about stealing property. This created some strong reactions among users. “What makes this even more sickening is judging by how casual she is about this it deff not the first time or second time they’ve done this. This looks like business as usual to them…its disgusting.” a comment said.

Other people added that the legal punishments should be harsher for police officers who engage in such behaviors during duty. “I think criminal punishment and jail time should be doubled for police who do these crimes”, said an user. “If a cop commits a crime while on duty, the sentence should be automatically doubled.” another user added.

Some other comments mention in-depth details about the outcome of the stealing. “Update: she got fired” informed one user and added a link to an article about the case.

Whether this was her first time committing property theft or not, the scenes from the video surely provoked strong reactions within the Reddit community!

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