A REDDIT user posted a disturbing video on a subreddit that soon started trending on the platform’s homepage. The video showed a police officer threatening to throw an elderly stroke patient with slurred speech into jail.

The Disturbing Video on Reddit

In a trending subreddit thread a user uploaded a six-minute-long video showing a policeman speaking to a lady, 60, in a hospital, informing her that “they [the hospital] want you gone” and “you’re gonna have to find a way to get out of here”.

The lady told the policeman that she shattered her ankle after suffering a stroke, but the hospital has supposedly discharged her and so the policeman “got nothing to do with that”. When the woman tried to plead once more and said that her broken ankle meant she was unable to get up, let alone move on her own, the polices called a wagon to deliver her to jail.

It was reportedly believed that the lady was acting and did not need to stay in the hospital. While being transported, the lady asked for her purse so that she could have her inhaler, but the policemen told her “there is no inhaler in your purse” and warned her to behave. “Don’t you dare throw yourself on the ground!” one of the policemen cautioned. When the lady, reportedly named Lisa Edwards, started to have a problem breathing, the polices did find an inhaler–not in her purse but in her suitcase. The polices further threatened to get her more charges if she continued to act disorderly and impending the sidewalk. After approximately 20 minutes inside the police car, Edwards went quiet and unresponsive, presumably dead. The woman reportedly died in the back of the police car as mentioned here.

Redditors Speculating On Lady’s Backstory

It is remained to be seen whether the old lady is a homeless person who was drunk and had no insurance to pay medical bills or if her claim of having a stroke was legitimate at all, but most Redditors have voiced that even if she was faking everything she still deserved compassion.

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