As numbers start to rise in Ontario and the rest of Canada, Doug Ford and his government plan to implement a vaccine passport for Ontario.

This vaccine passport is not just for flying in and out of the province or country, it is for non-essential activities like attending restaurants and going to live sporting events or concerts.

As the vaccine rollout has only been around for a couple of months, it is getting a little out of hand demanding citizens in Canada to get a vaccine that they choose not to. Canada was a country with freedom, but right now, many citizens are feeling pressured that they won’t be able to enjoy basic living without being ridiculed or punished for not getting the jab.

Doug Ford’s government says that we need a system that helps business owners and others know if customers are vaccinated without having to deal or check with it themselves. The plan- make it mandatory to be vaccinated and create a passport that restricts non-vaccinated the ability to do anything and everything.


The premier’s office released this statement, “the most comprehensive, far-ranging mandatory vaccination policies for high-risk settings in the country.” This statement means that the vaccine would be the most important for big social events like concerts and sporting events, but in another statement, they claimed this passport to be listed for non-essential and social events like attending a restaurant.

How can the government tell us that without a vaccine we cannot attend a restaurant? Restaurants are essential and a basic necessity to living, yet they want to take that away. The same goes for attending school or university. Children and teenagers are force and commanded that without a vaccine they cannot come to campus, in what way is that reasonable or correct?

The vaccine passport should not be created at all. There are many people without the vaccine and many who are still on the fence about it. A vaccine of any kind should be a choice, not a requirement.

Article published by HOLR Magazine