Prime Video proposes a hot and juicy summer with three new reality dating shows. The One That Got Away, Forever: Hamptons and Cosmic Love will satisfy your reality TV binge.

Prime Video Hints A Juicy Summer With Three New Reality Dating Series

“The One That Got Away” Photo Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Prime Video has graciously teased us with not one, but three new reality series premiering this summer! Summer, after all, is the season of love (and heat)! So what better way to indulge in the frivolity of the season than binging on new reality shows! 

The three new shows—-The One That Got Away, Forever Summer: Hamptons, and Cosmic Love—will accompany Prime Video’s original reality hits like Lizzo’s Watch Out For The Big Grrrls and Making The Cut. Vernon Sanders, head of global television for Amazon Studios, expressed his excitement in introducing a new roster of binge-worthy shows. “We’re excited to introduce a new slate of addictive, entertaining reality programming that celebrates love and relationships in all forms… these shows are amazing additions to our unscripted slate and will make Prime Video the destination for juicy, escapist summer content.” And dare I say Mr. Sanders made a valid point because after reading each show’s premise, it does look like Prime is gearing up for a juicy, hot mess of a summer! 

The One That Got Away

“The one that got away” is also colloquially known as TOTGA, it refers to a past lover you regret losing. TOTGA can come in many forms like an ex you can’t move on from, a massive crush you keep pining on, or a person you met at the wrong time. Whichever is the case, you always feel like you have unfinished business with this person.

Amazon Studios’ The One That Got Away is an experimental reality dating series that will help six lucky people find the person who got away from them. With the help of the show and its host, Betty Who, the lucky participants will finally have the chance to rekindle lost love. 


The One That Got Away will premiere on Friday, June 24th, 2022 on Prime Video.

Forever Summer: Hamptons

Prime Video Hints A Juicy Summer With Three New Reality Dating Series

“Forever Summer: Hamptons” Photo Courtesy of Amazon Studios

This one is the most intriguing and possibly the juiciest show out of the three. Forever Summer: Hamptons is “a coming-of-age docusoap” where a group of college kids from different backgrounds of life will live and work in the Hamptons for one summer. During the day, this odd mix of wealthy city kids and humble townies will work together at a seaside restaurant, and then at night, they get to party like regular college kids. Viewers should expect drama, petty fights, sizzling love affairs, and lots of recklessness!

Forever Summer: Hamptons will premiere in July 2022 on Prime Video. 

Cosmic Love

Prime Video Hints A Juicy Summer With Three New Reality Dating Series

“Cosmic Love” Photo Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Astrology girlies, wake up! New dating show solely based on your birth chart is about to drop! Cosmic Love is another experimental dating show where four individuals attempt to find a life-long partner through astrological matchmaking. Yes, you read that right—astrological matchmaking! This show might just prove the accuracy of those Astrology TikToks you’ve been watching lately!


How it works is the four individuals will mingle, match, date, and eliminate potential partners throughout the show. Their romantic adventure will take place at a retreat site run by a mystical guide, the Astro Chamber (voiced by Cree Summer). At the end of the retreat, they must make a decision. Will they marry their match solely because of astrological compatibility? 


The participants will also receive guidance from the show’s astrologers, Ophira and Tali Edut of The AstroTwins. The twins are professional astrologers that will help our hopeful singles for a chance at love. Cosmic Love will premiere in August 2022 on Prime Video. 

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