The London-based gender-fluid label’s AW21 collection has officially landed. Founded by Ka Wa Key Chow and Jarno Leppanen, KA WA KEY’s latest designs bring a whole new meaning to avant-garde fashion, as a mixture of colours, textures, and fabrics bring the brand’s distinctive vision to life through a tale of two cultures, and a seamless blending of style and aesthetics.

Often inspired by their upbringings, the creative duo reimagines traditional pieces in their latest line, refashioning them with patchwork, bold colours and prints to bring a sense of depth and dimension to each and every look. One of our favourites from the look book features a bold blue sweater dress, accentuated by a colourful headpiece and reworked belt. This collection highlights cozy, layered, oversized fits, which give the pieces more movement, and strong colours, which offer a playful touch.

In a show-stopping debut, the Ka Wa Key released a collection video featuring their designs and it is anything but what the average viewer would expect. Ominous music and sharp cutaways, alluding to mystery and intrigue, offset pieces like colourful jumpsuits, two-tone accessories and knitted dresses. The models’ behaviour in the video is one that can only be classified as unhinged as if a direct representation of the wild colours and prints showcased throughout the collection. It’s as if the collection craves balance but the mixture of fabrics and colours makes it seemingly impossible to achieve. This crazy, wonderful interaction of textiles and tones, playfulness and edginess, only makes sense for a spirited brand like KA WA KEY.