As we all try to lessen our impact on the environment and the effects of global warming, we should also be mindful that these same practices can be put into where and how we shop. Tons of brands offer a way to shop sustainably, but figuring out which brands can be a task all its own. Below, a list of a few of our fav brands that offer a way to be fashionable while still doing good for the Earth. 


As the company’s tagline goes, “being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. Reformation is #2.” From sourcing Earth-friendly materials to limiting the company’s carbon footprint, Ref has provided a way to be almost completely sustainable and fashionable. 

Shop Reformation:
woman dress

Solange Dress, $340

black jeans

Jackie Ultra High Rise Wide Leg, $215


Tammy Top, $120


The Canadian favourite is committed to using sustainably sourced materials like goose down and silk, reducing the size of its footprint, upholding human rights and safe working conditions, and supporting non-profits that support local communities (as if we needed another reason to shop there). 

Shop Aritzia:
puffer jacket

Tna The Super Puff Shorty, $225

leather leggings

Wilfred Free Daria Pant, $138

sweater dress

Wilfred Montpellier Dress, $178


Zara’s Join Life movement outlines the company’s plan to try to become more sustainable and environmentally responsible as a company. By 2025, Zara hopes to have 100% sustainable and recycled materials and 80% renewable energy in their offices, warehouses and stores. As part of its commitment, the company joined the Fashion Pact signed in Biarritz during the G7 meetings. 

Shop Zara Join Life:
button up shirt

Oversized Corduroy Overshirt With Pockets, $49.90

floral dress

Floral Print Dress, $79.90

ankle boot

Zippered Low Heeled Ankle Boots, $79.90


Everlane believes in quality over trendiness, as well as an ethical approach to sourcing factories where its product is made. The company is also uber-transparent about the actual cost of its product, and allows customers to see all of the costs associated with a garment’s production. A few clicks on their website will show you exactly what it cost to make that white tee you’re wearing.

Shop Everlane:
white ankle boot

The Editor Boot, $297

white pants

The Straight Leg Crop, $90

black tote

The Day Square Tote, $218


Kotn makes quality basics meant for everyday, and believes in the importance of a garment’s traceability—think of it like “farm-to-table” but for your clothes. The company outlines the origins of its materials, dyeing and sewing processes and more in an effort to be transparent about where its products come from.

Shop Kotn:
cropped sweatshirt

Cropped Sweatshirt, $68

fitted turtleneck

Fitted Turtleneck, $45

babydoll dress

Longsleeve Babydoll Dress, $68

Shopping sustainably doesn’t have to be hard, and is an important part of helping to reduce global warming and climate change. These brands are just a few who are leading the way for fashion that makes a difference. 


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