Why is “Snow White Live Action Controversy” trending? HOLR breaks down Disney’s latest live-action film and why people are talking about it.

Disney’s newest live-action film Snow White is set to hit theatres next year. However, recent photos of the cast have sparked controversy online. HOLR is breaking down why people are talking about the upcoming movie.

Snow White Live Action Movie

The live-action Snow White film is set to be released next year, on March 22, 2024, but the movie is already making waves online after images started circulating of the cast. TikToker @yourfavoriteguy took to the platform to detail the alleged controversy surrounding Rachel Zegler playing Snow White.


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Snow White Live Action Cast

As mentioned in the above TikTok video, Disney’s decision to cast Zegler seems to be controversial among fans because the original character of Snow White is said to have skin as white as snow and Zegler is a Latina woman with a deeper skin tone. User @yourfavoriteguy goes on to say that “instead of Disney recasting old white characters as a different race, they should create new, original stories to  represent people of color.”

snow white

Image Credit: TMZ

Snow White Live Action Dwarfs

The decision to cast the original 7 dwarves as the new 7 diverse magical creatures was also a controversial topic among social media users. As outlined in the above TikTok video, only one of the 7 magical creatures is a little person which caused quite a stir online as it strayed greatly from the original storyline. User @yourfavoriteguy claims that in order for Disney to really be inclusive, they need to create new “quality stories” centered around these people “instead of just inserting them into old tales.”

What do you think about the controversy surrounding the latest Snow White live-action? 

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