Sofia Richie Grainge and Husband Elliot Grainge Share Posts From Their Honeymoon

Newlyweds Sofia Richie Grainge and Elliot Grainge take off their honeymoon after tieing the knot in France. The couple has been extremely generous with the posts of the gorgeous trip.

‘Husband Trip’

The posts from the honeymoon are filled with beautiful scenery, selfies and gorgeous pictures of Richie-Grainge.

Via Instagram @sofiarichiegrainge

Sofia posted a few shots of her and her husband, both looking happy and standing on a beach.

Via Instagram @sofiarichiegrainge

In this picture, we see Elliot at a table for two, surrounded by rose petals on the beach. A cute touch to this romantic dinner was the menu.

Via Instagram @sofiarichiegrainge

‘Celebrating the honeymoon of Elliot and Sofia’ 

The two drink options on the menu are, ‘The Elliot’ and ‘The Sofia.’

‘The Elliot’ includes tequila, agave, and lime juice, while ‘The Sofia’ includes vodka, fresh blackberries, lime, ginger beer and mint.

Via Instagram @sofiarichiegrainge

Sofia posted this photo of the hotel room on Instagram, the duvet inscribed with ‘Forever Isn’t Enough.’

This term seems to hold significance to the couple. When their engagement was announced, Richies Instagram caption was, ‘Forever Isn’t Long Enough.’


Such a sweet, memorable little detail to such a romantic getaway.

Published By: HOLR Magazine