Dua Lipa has won the hearts of millions both on and off stage.

Not only is she one of the world’s biggest pop stars, she is also a rising fashion icon. Her stage outfits have always been stunning, as have her red carpet looks. Dua is a Versace darling; during Milan Fashion Week last season, she both opened and closed the show for her runway debut. But that’s certainly not all she’s known for.

She has always been ahead of the trend. She blends bold patterns, bright colours, Y2K style, and classic pieces in her personal style.

It has certainly cemented Dua Lipa as a street style icon. Here’s a few of our favourite Dua street style moments.

Double Denim

Dua Lipa can double denim moment like no other! Well, make it quadruple denim. She wore quilted jeans, a denim bralette, denim boots, and a denim bag. All pieces were from the Fall 2022 Diesel collection. Moreover, her frayed belt displayed the Diesel logo in all its glory. This look is bold, stylish, and quintessentially Dua.

Dua Lipa Street Style

Raymond Hall via Vogue

’60s Baby

Dua’s Courrèges look perfectly reflects a more muted version of her style. It’s sleek and stylish, yet classic and confident. The pointed-hem halter is a 2021 style staple, and Dua paired it with a classic cut-out white pant. The trouser, by renowned label Courrèges, is perfectly reminiscent of the 1960s.

Dua Lipa wearing Courrèges

via @dualipa on Instagram

Sleek and Chic

Dua embraces a classic, toned down style as much as a loud, bold piece. And this look is a perfect twist on classic pieces. She paired a lace up, corset-like mini shirt dress with a leather jacket, Prada gloves, and a chic yet fun hairdo.

Dua Lipa

via @dualipa on Instagram

Bold Patterns

Dua Lipa elevated her street style with this loud Richard Quinn ensemble. The label’s style almost perfectly matches Dua’s own, so it was no surprise when she wore a head-to-toe Richard Quinn look. She paired a patterned puffer with matching pants and shoes, and a black crop top. Loud, bold, and a hundred percent Dua Lipa.

Dua in Richard Quinn

via SplashNews

Gen Z Favourites

Dua certainly knows how to be a Gen-Z style icon. Here, she’s paired a checkered blue-and-mint top with dark jeans and an equally fun bag.

Dua in a checkerboard sweater

via Robino Salvatore

Baby Pink

Dua got into the tennis spirit with her baby-pink ensemble. She blended Y2K era silhouettes with a stylish tennis skirt. While it isn’t a street style moment, it’s a refreshing yet nostalgic of her personal style!

Dua wearing a Tennis Skirt

via @dualipa on Instagram

Matching Sets

Whether you’re a pop star or a fashionista at home, everyone loves a plaid set. And Dua is no different. Here, she wears a cropped plaid shirt, a matching pleated skirt, and a quirky bag to match!

Dua Lipa Street Style

Robert Kamau


No one can go wrong with a classic silhouette, and certainly not Dua Lipa. She combined knee-high boots with a strappy brown coat, olive plaid mini skirt, and a top.

Dua and Anwar Hadid

via Bauer Griffin

Bold Red

Nothing makes as much of a statement as a bold jacket. And Dua went for a bright red, that matched with the red cuffs of her jeans.

Dua in a Red ensemble

via SplashNews

That Blue Dress

No one does silhouettes and cut-outs like Dua. And this blue dress is proof. It’s a simple, skin-tight dress with a loose drape across the mid thigh. And when paired with tie-up sandals and an orange bag? It’s a statement piece.

Dua on Instagram

via @dualipa on Instagram

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