The glorious splendour carried by the summer breeze is befitting for celebratory times, hence the rise of weddings is high during this season.

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Almost everyone that has marriage on the cards, desires to have a jaw-dropping wedding day, from the décor, venue, all the way to the food being served. Thoroughly arranging all of that requires one to be in the know of the latest trends, so to be able to evaluate their preferences & the manner in which they want to remember their special day. So if you’re on a quest of preparing for your nuptials, I’ve identified a couple of trends that are currently making the rounds, for you to utilize as a blueprint. 

Micro Weddings

When we think of wedlock, most of us usually have this big ceremony looming in our heads. Unluckily, the current state of the world (lockdown) forced your big traditional weddings to be tweaked & has chucked normalcy out of the window & so micro weddings have become popular. Besides that, there are multiple factors that also contribute towards a couple’s decision of opting for a small & intimate wedding; part of their reasoning being: reducing costs, evading the stress that comes with planning a huge event & simply wallow within the flexibility of microcosm. If all that applies to you then this is the type of format you should adopt.  

Backyard Weddings

The sentimental feel of this kind of a setting is almost synonymous with that of a micro-wedding, except that the guest list is usually constituent of family & friends only. That exclusivity allows for a heightened sense of camaraderie. I imagine there is no best feeling in the world than wearing your white wedding dress in the very same room where you used to sit & fantasize about your big day as a little child. That plot in your yard where you & your childhood friends used to play in can be an ideal scenery to tie a knot while reminiscing about the days of yesteryear, outdoors on a hot summer day. 

Mobile Bars  

This is a brilliant way to allure your guests while basking in the warmth of the sun. Most wedding events have this bar located at the reception area & have a bartender serving drinks, which usually includes a variety of drinks. This trend is mostly popular amongst millennial couples & comes in different forms & shapes. I’ve seen pictures on the gram whereby the bride, groom alongside their counterparts are chilling on a “lounge-like” space surrounding the trailer; a fun way of unwinding in with a few cold ones in-between the matrimonial & reception sessions.  

Mini Wedding Cakes

You know what they say about simplicity is the ultimate sophistication! Yes, food is one of the things that guests rave about at a wedding, but what’s the point of having excessive amounts if larger portions of it will remain uneaten. Long gone are the days where big, three-tier cakes are a thing. Smaller portions have now taken centre stage. Simple doesn’t necessarily equate to the plain; there are many creative themes in which cakes are being adorned in line with the colour schemes of the wedding & the summer festivities i.e. adding flowers, pearls & tons of fruit on the layers is currently prevalent. 


Clothing is an indispensable component of a wedding day as it symbolizes the culture & nature of the individuals getting married. Therefore, fashion designers make it a point to devise clothing that will make a statement & that aligns with contemporary times. 

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Short dresses

Getting married when the sun is blazing hot allows for a bit of skin to showcase &    that’s what’s we’ve been seeing from most brides’ dresses; these usually come in light & almost see-through fabric. 

Convertible dresses 

These are ideal because can be worn regardless of the weather & can be switched up between the matrimonial & reception.

Colourful Playful prints  

This trend has taken a chic & distinct route, breaking the generic tradition of wearing white dresses & reminding us that we ought to be colourful in summer. 

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Super skinny suit 

Black & White tuxedos seem to have been replaced by these tight, colourful suits which ooze a more casual & relaxed look.

Garden wedding suite

A classic way that keeps the gents suave & allows for an experimentation of separate colours & materials all at once. A light-coloured suit, floral tie & complementary jeans are customary. 

White Sneakers 

These sporty shoes introduce a more comfortable feel & have proven to match with various suits; popularly worn with crème & navy suits. 

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