Hey, happy spring!

This is the season to plan outings to a gallery show with a new date or make a plan to dress up with your S/O. While the weather gets more generous with longer days of sunlight, a new love of the warmth and outdoors begins.


Scoured for by the paparazzi since Lady Di pulled up in a low crawling black car and slinked up to shake hands in her infamous cold shoulder dress back in 1994, the breakup look is something we see as a female’s reaction to the end of a relationship in which they go out into the public eye dressed in an outfit that makes them look good enough to envy and long for. 

Recent break up between Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik has us questioning why we give so much attention to the revenge dress, especially since women have looked good long before they started dating their now ex.

Equally so, these people have also been attractive during their happy ties to their former partner. Why do we call out these women for how luring they look post-breakup? Beyonce for example looks like she’s revenge dressed every day. It is possible for anyone, in any state of their relationship, to catch eyes without having a revenge factor pushing them to mask a heartache.

Here we look at the jaw dropping looks served by Gigi since her relationship with Zayn began in November 2015:


When life imitates pop culture: Gigi and Kendall traded signature hair at Balmain’s after party in Paris.

Getty: Sonia Recchia/Stringer

Long hair is an invitation for Rapunzeling a look. This model takes care to use her locks as a frame for her beautifully pursed face. The look is kept grounded with a blazer, though an eye catching coral jacket is hardly subtle. This jacket is sharp shouldered and bold with a raglan sleeve shoulder and extra seams at the back of the waist to emphasize a feminine figure.  

Gigi Hadid: Instagram

You don’t need lots of hair to prove your beauty.

NIGNY: Splash News

Pinky, shminky and blue suede shoes provide for an amazing outfit of textures. Here, a fuzzy orange bag, satin tulip-pink pants, brushed suede pumps and mirror lensed glasses are balanced by a black tee.

Gregory Harris, Vogue

Vogue magazine is a cult classic for a reason: images like this by Gregory Harris prove Hadid as a beauty classic with a cat smile to win.

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