It’s summer — the time for late nights out, pool parties, events, and the sun comes out much earlier. No surprise, those eight hours aren’t quite as easy to get as they are in the winter, when getting out of bed on dark, cold mornings is a real struggle!

During sleep, the body restores itself, regenerating against the effects of all-day pollution and free radical damage. It also makes new collagen and boosts blood flow, which can help de-puff eyes, reduce dark circles under the eyes and even impact hair health. So if you’re finding life is just getting in the way of your beauty sleep, here are some tips to fake-it-til-you-make-it!

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Tackle Puffy Eyes

Sometimes, the old ways are the best ways. Take a couple of cold spoons, cool them in the freezer, then gently press into your eyes. The cold effect should bring the puff right down, and should be followed by a specialist eye-cream that works to brighten and depuff the eyes. We recommend the Clinique “All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage”. With its cooling effect and rollerball application, this glides on easily and is readily absorbed. 


Hide Dark Circles

Lack of sleep doesn’t actually cause dark circles, but it does make them a lot worse! This one definitely requires make-up to neutralise. Depending on the colour of the dark circles, try and pick a concealer with a tone to balance it out. So if you’re seeing darker, blue hued circles, pick a warm pink tone. If you’re seeing red circles, pick a colour with a yellow undertone. Dot this over the dark circles and blend outwards. We recommend the Laura Mercier “Secret Camouflage” for great results. 

Facial Massage 

With the rise of FaceGym, the benefits of facial massage have become much more well known. The idea is that facial massage boosts circulation, increasing blood flow and oxygen and adding a youthflow glow. As lack of sleep is the enemy of that list, a quick facial massage should really help and can be combined with application of your favourite serum! There are lots of helpful guides online about different techniques to use, so have some fun trying them out. 



Bad sleep can really make skin look dull and dehydrated, so locking in some hydration is key. Use a moisturiser with boosting ingredients like caffeine, or hyaluronic acid and consider using an emergency sheet mask for full effect – your skin will drink this in and look much better for it! We recommend the Charlotte Tilbury “Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask” for fast results.



Fake a Glow

To fight a dull and tired complexion, enlist the help of a highlighter. This can be added to a foundation to brighten instantly, or dotted and blended under cheekbones for a subtle dewy look that really elevates the skin. We love the BECCA “Glow Silk Highlighter Drops”.

BECCA Cosmetics


Additionally, make sure you always take all make-up off and cleanse properly before sleep – even this small step will give you a headstart on faking the eight hours. Obviously nothing can fully replace the power of a great sleep (which is important for all sorts of body regeneration), so if you can get an early night and turn off the blue light then that should be the priority – consider the rest of us jealous!


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