Now we all know the saying that you are what you think…or that the mind is the main switch of the brain. Well, this article is all about justifying in agreement with these statements.

The mind according to neuroscience contains our subconscious and conscious thoughts. Theorists like Freud use the mind complexes to further illustrate this statement.  Let’s put all this into real-life context to further explain how the mind can really determine our livelihoods as human beings. Is it not so crazy how something so hidden within us as a human race, can be so powerful. For example, the notion of Eugenics is the deliberate killing of any undesired human species by genetic and physical traits that lead to the takeover by Hitler using the Nazi party. This was all in Hitler’s mind as a thought that developed into an imagination which sooner or later leads to the killing of mass humans which he had recruited and convinced them to do all this because of how powerfully he believed in this act of Eugenics, despite how cruel and heartless the act was.

Now, the next example is how genetics can be changed just by how one may align their thoughts. Here is a medical example of how a case study was done on patients who had been suffering pain from period pains. One group had been told that they had inserted painkillers in their drip which was actually false as it was just normal liquid and the other group was told that there were no painkillers inserted and they would have to stomach the pain when actually there had painkillers administered to them. After the experiment, the group members that had actually thought they had painkillers but they didn’t report relief from period pains and the other group with actual painkillers that thought they didn’t have reported they experienced excruciating pain. The power of the mind is even known to physically change our genetic composition like someone that is always in constant stress and worry develop the appearance 9f wrinkles and grey hairs from the constant high-stress levels which increase the production of the hormones that produce grey hair. 

So what could this mean..all this evidence of the power of the mind. You guessed right. Your mind is the source of your thoughts which make up the essence of your being. Ever noticed how you can just sometimes feel someone’s energy? That is because humans were derived from thought and human connection. Thoughts come from your mind and they can easily make up your reality. Ever heard of people saying “I manifested this for a long time”. They basically mean they have been thinking, imagining and spoke out what they were thinking. Now be aware, this is not some magic trick

If you want to change your thinking paradigm from negative to positive it will take some time to adjust and some days will be harder than others. Just keep in mind in your thoughts about the amazing results which you will experience in your everyday life.