Gossip Girl impresses the audience almost absolutely because the content is suitable for teenagers. At the same time, make every girl go crazy with Blair Waldorf outfits. And now Gossip Girl is returning to the public. Here are the most iconic Blair Waldorf outfits that you can refer to catch the trend right away.

blair waldorf

Blair was seen as a fashion icon in school, and wherever she went, her mother was also a designer, so it was natural to dress well with Blair. As the daughter of a famous fashion designer, the noble lady style has become a trademark of Blair Waldorf. She is always careful in dressing and makes her image always beautiful even when she is not with anyone. Therefore, she always pays attention to the clothes, fashion accessories, and posture when going out. In particular, denim is a word that never appears in her fashion style because of its dusty and unpretentious style from her fashion perspective. Let’s take a look at Blair Waldorf’s most stylish and iconic outfits in Gossip Girl to see the elegance and nobility of her fashion sense that is still influential today.

A very classic Blair

Blair always tries to design and create her uniform to become more interesting and unique with bright colors and outstanding accessories. She shone with a bright yellow felt coat and paired with a pair of red socks. Although it may sound contradictory, when we look at Blair wearing it, we can see that everything matches perfectly. One thing that she never lacks is accessories such as a mane or a bracelet. This makes her shine brighter than anyone.

yellow coat

A very chic Blair

This multi-layered feather evening gown made Blair so glamorous and elegant. Wearing a red blood dress made her the center of attention among everyone. Even the pink high heels are a highlight. Indispensable is a beaded necklace that enhances Blair’s graceful beauty.

red dress

Blair’s creativity in color and patterns combinations

Blair is a person who knows how to use colors in her clothes to always become a highlight and always create a noble look. The green poncho dress is beautiful and luxurious, but the deep green color makes her not stand out. She was highly stylish when choosing a beret to go with a silk shirt and yellow mustard bag that made the whole outfit more trendy and unique than ever.


Not only is she creative in color combinations, but she is also very unique in combining patterns of clothing, such as this summer fruit dress that is highly colorful with fruit motifs. But who would have expected Blair to wear a blue beret and a purple bag? It sounds like she has different colors that make the whole set go well together.


Elegant maritime style

Blair chooses a marine fashion style; we also implicitly understand that she is on a boat. She is always the one to dress up according to the suitable theme according to the location and event. This classic blue dress with white trim compliments her figure perfectly. The red box bag makes the outfit extremely attractive, and the wide-brimmed hat is very suitable for the beach style.

blue dress

Feminine style

Blair impressed viewers with this floral-patterned skirt that helped her become extraordinarily mature and feminine despite being in high school.

flower dress

The headband with the same pattern as the dress makes her more perfect than ever. In particular, the different pink belt makes Blair more personal.

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