Winter days often find us inside seeking comfort and warmth. To create the perfect indoor atmosphere in your home, try adding some winter-inspired scents to the mix. 

Whether you like the traditional glow of a scented candle or the rustic approach of stovetop potpourri, the right scent in your home this winter can make you feel calm and comforted.

Read on for some different woodsy, creamy, and spicy winter fragrances, as well as four different ways to disperse the scent throughout your home.


Fraser Fir Soy Candle by Wickry Candle:

If you want to enjoy the lovely scent of a fresh Christmas tree through the winter months, there’s no better pick than this homemade soy wax candle fragranced with essential oils. Lemon peel and pine come through at first followed by grounding scents of amber and moss. Available on Etsy for $11.

Plug-In Diffusers:

A plug-in diffuser can be a great option for a strong scent that isn’t limited to the kitchen stovetop. These diffusers use electricity to warm the oils or scent pads inside, thus spreading fragrance throughout your home. Some versions don’t allow you much control over the strength of the scent, and you can’t easily “turn off” the smell from many varieties since the aroma continues to waft out of the openings, so choose wisely. The latest in smart-home technology, the Pura diffuser, is the best option for electronic diffusers in 2021. Since you can control it from an app, choosing your home scent’s strength and duration has never been easier. All of Pura’s scents are safe for pets and children, too, so you don’t have to worry about what your most precious residents are inhaling. Try their NEST Cedar Leaf & Lavender scent for a woodsy and comforting winter aroma.


KarmaLit Warm + Cozy Candle Set:

KarmaLit will take you through the change of seasons right up to the New Year. Three hand-poured soy candles, made in Denver, come in this set: Cozy Nights, which has notes of orange and pine; the Front Range, which is intended to turn your living room into a Christmas tree farm; and First Snow, with hints of both peaches and pine.


Aprés Ski Candle:

A fitting name for a festive, fresh candle. Cinnamon, spearmint and cypress float above a rich spruce and cedar base finished with a touch of citrus to round out this scent that’s as invigorating as hitting the slopes. Available on Nordstrom

Otherland Silk Pajamas Candle:

Otherland’s winter collection is meant to give off “late-night gala vibes,” which, TBH, is a mood I can get behind. You may not be hitting up any ritzy parties (or maybe you are—I don’t know your life), but you can still make lounging around your apartment feel fancy with a backdrop of crystal ginger, bergamot zest, and spice yuzu.

Published on HOLR Magazine.