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Do you find yourself dreading getting dressed in the morning because you simply have nothing to wear? Alternatively, do you find that your closet is stuffed with mismatched items? Here, we’ll walk you through the process of creating a capsule wardrobe so you don’t have to hire an expensive stylist.

Step By Step Guide How To Build Capsule Wardrobe 

What good can come of a fresh start when even a seemingly simple choice is so challenging? If you find it difficult to put together an outfit each day, a capsule wardrobe may be the answer. You can improve your public image by purchasing clothes with purpose and doing some capsule wardrobe planning to assist you to select the best pieces. Some companies also provide services regarding, building a capsule wardrobe like LegitGrails.

What Is Capsule Wardrobe? 

The term “capsule wardrobe” refers to a small collection of well-balanced garments that may be worn in a variety of ways. These items are usually timeless classics that don’t go out of style quickly and are made mostly out of basic, nondescript hues. A capsule wardrobe is a collection of interchangeable garments that expands your capacity to dress in numerous ways while reducing the number of items you need to keep in your closet.

A Brief History

In recent years, the idea of a “capsule wardrobe” has gained widespread attention and has been discussed extensively on various social media platforms. However, this idea has been around for quite some time now.

Susie Faux launched the London store Wardrobe in the ’70s, selling simple, high-quality pieces that could be worn in a variety of combinations. So that women may feel good about themselves, she set out to improve their perception of their appearance.

By 1985, the idea of a minimal wardrobe had made its way across the Atlantic to the United States, thanks to Donna Karan and her Seven Easy Pieces collection. Her bodysuit-clad models modeled seven separate garments from her collection. The runway show was well received, and the concept of a capsule wardrobe that can be easily mixed and matched gained traction as a result. This fashion trend is back in full force, most likely due to the positive effects of the capsule wardrobe.

Capsule Wardrobe Building Process

Lessening your wardrobe down to a few key pieces will help you relax more generally. You shouldn’t worry about the clothes not fitting you. Having fewer garments also reduces the time and effort spent cleaning and mending them. When traveling or relocating, you’re more inclined to go for clothes that require less maintenance and packing space.

Let’s go into the meat of this article where we’ll discover how to put together a capsule wardrobe.

Make an Audit of Your Current Wardrobe

Doing a closet audit is the first step in developing a successful capsule wardrobe. Sort your clothing into those you wear frequently and those you never reach for.

Consider this question with each article of clothing: “How often have I worn this?” Incorporating an item you haven’t worn in a while into your capsule wardrobe is not a good idea.

Consider your lifestyle and the things you typically do. You can learn a lot about your wardrobe habits by doing this.

What do you do for a living? Do you have a husband who helps out? Is your employment a typical 9 to 5 How often are you getting in your workouts? You won’t have the same clothing needs no matter how you use your free time.

After you’ve given this some thought, go through your closet and write out why you like each item of clothing. Knowing what works best for you in terms of fit, color, and cut will give you a better sense of your personal style.

Make A List Of Your Activities

Think about the way you live your life and the activities you do on a regular basis. By doing this, you might learn a lot about the tendencies you have regarding your clothing choices.

What kind of work do you perform to make a living? Do you have a husband that pitches in with the household chores? Is your job a normal one where you work from 9 to 5? How frequently do you participate in physical activity? No matter how you choose to spend your spare time, your wardrobe requirements will be different.

In addition, this will assist in gaining an understanding of what fashion is, what your favorite colors are, what shape suits are, and so on. Olive Branch and other fall and winter fashion colors shouldn’t be overlooked, so make sure you don’t forget about them like Green Bee. Ibiza and Mykonos Blue, amongst others, and decide which of the times best suits you.

Choose Core Capsule Pieces

It is possible for us to remember all that we need to accomplish each day if we make a list that includes different categories, for example, shirts and blouses,  Outerwear such as coats, jackets, and sweaters, as well as dresses and jumpsuits We do this for every activity and location, and as a consequence, we have a crystal clear list of items that are required to be in our closet. For example, we need to have jeans or pants, a sweater, and a jacket (for cold weather) in order to go to the shop dressed appropriately.

Create 5 Every Day and 3 Weekend outfits

Now is the time to put together outfits; update your closet with the items that are missing, pay attention to color and texture, and for your convenience, we have compiled a letter with illustrative examples of several attractive ensembles. Items:

Essential shoes to consider for capsule: Neutral or white sneakers, Nude heels, All-weather boots

Essential Jackets to consider for capsule: Versatile blazer, Denim jacket, Fleece jacket and leather jacket.

Essential Dresses to consider for capsule: Sweater dress (for fall/winter), Black, sleeveless midi dress Classic mid-length a-line dress

Essential Sweater to consider for capsule: Light knit, Everyday cardigan, 1-2 midweight sweaters and Chunky knit.

Essential tops and blouses to consider for capsule: Denim or Tencel shirt, Thick cotton or flannel button-down

Essential bottoms to consider for capsule: Black or little light-colored winter trousers, full-length maxis and Black, white, or beige/taupe denim. 

Tips for Creating your Everyday Outfits

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  • Pinterest is a great place to gain inspiration for your own personal style. Stick together looks in which you already own all the components. Make do with an alternate option if necessary.
  • Write down a few of your favorite ensembles. Get a picture for later reference. In the photos app on my iPhone, I created a folder titled “Capsule wardrobe.” The back of your capsule wardrobe checklist is a great place to detail each outfit.
  • To get started, let’s talk about pants. I suggest investing in a single pair of pants or jeans and building outfits around them with your capsule collection of tops, sweaters, and coats.
  • Extras are essential. Don’t forget to round up your wardrobe with a variety of shoes, jackets, and other accessories.
  • Examine the area for cracks. Using this method could help you identify any missing or essential items. If so, make note of them and set a deadline for making the purchase.
  • Learn where you can make a poor defense. Think about whether it’s worth keeping a crucial item that only serves one or two purposes. It’s likely that this product won’t perform as well as another. Test the options for getting rid of, exchanging, or replacing the item.

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