It’s time to wear something that takes you from the boxing studio to the street…. In style.

VOBYO, a women-owned sneaker brand launched the first premium boxing-inspired sneaker for women. Handmade in Portugal, The VOBYO Boxing TR is a premium Italian leather sneaker that is designed to make women feel feminine, strong and badass all at once. 

“VOBYO as a brand is dedicated to women with high standards who are unapologetically bold and fiercely feminine”, says Sarah Edson Soulie, VOBYO’s founder.

Soulie says she couldn’t find a women-owned sneaker brand that she felt represented her. She calls this a “beautiful quality sneaker that reminds us to raise our standards and be our best selves.” Using the design of traditional boxing footwear combined with a luxe lifestyle sneaker, the VOBYO Boxing TR wants to bring out the fighter in every female using these sneakers.

“The idea for VOBYO was conceived when I failed to find a women’s sneaker that made me feel as confident and as unstoppable as boxing does”, explains Sarah. She continues, “Boxing and boxing-inspired workouts are massively popular globally – and classes are usually dominated by women. Just like a basketball or tennis shoe represents the lifestyle and spirit of those sports, VOBYO represents that of boxing.” The sneaker retails at $248.00 USD and is in high demand, because who wouldn’t want to want comfort and style all in one sneaker?

VOBYO is a merging of two elements:

“VO” comes from the word “Vogue” (style) and “BYO” comes from the sounds of pronouncing the first letters of boxing “B-O” (bee-yo).

Check out their website for more information about this fierce sneaker and how you can grab a pair for yourself!


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